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Af, Bad, and Confidence: made with What's your favorite thing about me? View all 493 comments BThat you dont wear much ldk you haha, cant say what my fav part is. Im assuming your asking for superficial answers. Superficially you look sexy, cute, bad, but you've heard those blasé answers 1000x. Why still ask, seek, approval, assurance, acceptance in the form of likes, comments, and compliments? The ego seek:s approval and assurance. Why? the ego is insecure, it needs likes or comments for reassurance. The attention gives the ego(you) a false sense of temporary confidence masked in the form of arrogance in an attempt to make up for its insecurity. When one is confident they do not seek assurance or aproval, its sure of it self, it knows. And so the self(you) never questions its self in the first place. I he self seeks no approval or acceptance. It cares not what others think of it, nor can it be phased by what others think. lts confidence Cant be broken. It need not speak or say a word when self confident, it exudes from you like energy, people can feel it when your in their presencee When we care what others think of us, we're saying that there opinion of our selves is more important than our own opinion of our self, or who we know our selves to be. And thats the same as saying our word is worthless. Your hot af, but you know that already. came back to write a paragraph, after no response from commenting her @ three times on his own post

came back to write a paragraph, after no response from commenting her @ three times on his own post

Blessed, Crying, and Sorry: @oscarewilde i received this comically large pencil asa gift several years ago and my first thought, understandably, was 'what the christ am i meant to do with this?" 工@oscarewilde. 1d the 2nd thought i had was: I'm Quite Certain I Could Ruin Someone's Day With This. And so a while ago i took it in with me to a lecture, hoping against hope that whichever poor Fool was unfortunate enough to sit next to me might have forgotten or misplaced their writing implement 3 0458 8,741 工@oscarewilde. 1d utilising The Pencil is also dependent on the person not using a laptop. So the chances of success are extraordinarily slim, and I've only managed to find suitable candidates three times in all of the dozens of occasions i've had The Pencil on my person 3 I @oscarewilde 1d i size up my target, watching them feign patting their pockets in vain for the ballpoint they so obviously left at home, and i wait, i wait for the blessed question.... Do You Have A Pen I Could Borrow? I @oscarewilde .1d 'Oh, i say, 'I'm so sorry; I only have a pencil.' 'That's fine!' i hear them say, distantly now, as the blood is rushing to my ears and i can barely hear them. I maintain a straight face. This is key to the delivery and the final blow 5 633 13.8K @oscarewilde 1d I reach into my bag for The Pencil. The look of utter dumbfounded misery as i hand it to the victim is unparalleled in its sweetness. In an instant their eyes flicker through the 5 stages of grief, landing on acceptance, as they realise it's This or Nothing 7 834 14.8K @oscarewilde 10 they Always take the pencil 67 2,088 33.5K prideprejudce:she weaponized her gag gift im crying

prideprejudce:she weaponized her gag gift im crying

Children, Confidence, and Irish: HOT CHOCOLATE Peppernit 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 1/2 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS 1 TSP PEPPERMINT 1 CUP 1/2 TBSP. SUGAR 1/2 TBSP. GRATED 2 02 DARK ORANGEZEST CHOCOLATE 4 1 CUP VANILİA ALMOND MILK 1-1/2 TBSP. 2 TSP. COCONUT PALM SUGAR 1 CUP 5oz. CHOPPED DARK CHOCOLATE 1/4 TSP. CINNAMON TINY PINCH CAYENNE COCOA POW DER 1 CUP SKIM MILK 1/2 CUP HEAVY 4OZ. MILK CHOCOLATE CHOPPED 1/4 CUP CREAMY 1 TSP /2TSP 1 CUP 1 TSP WHOLEMILK UNSWEETENED SYRUP PIE SPICE DARK COCOA ⑦ nutella NUTELLA 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 1 TBSP. COCOA 3 TBSP. CARAMEL SAUCE 2 TBSP PINCH SALT 1/2 CUP 5 OZ MILK CHOCOLATE, CHOPPED 1/4CUP HEAVY ⑨ seauenden White 10 grish 2 OZ BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM 1 CUP 1/4TSP 1/2 CUP WHITE 1 CUP MILK 1/2 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS WHOLE MILK LAVENDER BUDS CHOCOLATE CHIPS TOP IT OFF: cinnamon stick.canamel BROUGHT TO You BY sheknows witchylass: witchoncampus: foodffs: The Ultimate Guide For Spiced Hot Chocolate Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked! Make it Witchy:Peppermint - attract money, confidence in speechOrange - joy, warmth, strengthVegan - compassionAztec - defense, spiritual shield, strengthen auraPeanut Butter - protect children, comfortPumpkin Spice - romance, friendship, holiday spirit Nutella - happiness, comfortCaramel - relieve stress, beauty Lavender White - sleep, soothing, pleasant dreams Irish - luck, imagination, faith Turn three times clockwise as you repeat your desired result to activate ingredients. 🤗☕☕☕☕😍😍😍

witchylass: witchoncampus: foodffs: The Ultimate Guide For Spiced Hot Chocolate Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked...

Apparently, Church, and Fail: captainlovelxce hey have i ever told y all about my cursed apartment building cursed how, you say???? well, here's the thing: no-one can fuckin see it. let me explain further .i live in a tiny flat in a big red brick building with huge windows. it has a driveway with two columns on either side not a thing you usually see in this area. it is opposite a bus stop and several corner shops. it is on a main, busy road. most significantly, it is attached to a church. a well- known church with a big pink sign on the front. all things that would make it easy to spot, right???? like if i gave that list of distinguishing features to someone along with my address then they'd be able to find my filat easily, right??? well APPARENTLY NOT we have never once had a delivery to our flat (outside of the usual postal service) where we haven't been called by a lost courier usually, they are about thirty seconds away. "i'm by the church and i don't know where to go from here," they say. so we tell them, "it's the building right next to the church!! the one you're outside. that church. it's the next building along. it's opposite a bus stop and it has a driveway with two big columns." without fail, they call back 5-10 minutes later, still lost. i have answered calls from both lost delivery people and friends where i've been able to see them standing in front of the driveway, from my window a friend of mine once drove past my building three times, while on the phone to me, getting increasingly panicked that she couldn't figure out where she was going. she parked in a nearby road and i had to walk to her car and guide her to the driveway however, my flatmate and i found this place when we were flat-hunting first time, no trouble, and we don't know what that means other than i guess this place chose us and the rent is so cheap because the estate agents were so relieved to find the first people in a thousand years who could actually see this fuckin building . today a food delivery person called me to say he was outside the church was told to go to the next building along, (a 20 second journey on foot) and arrived at my door 20 minutes later, saying, "sorry, i went to the back of this building by mistake. weird right???" this building doesn't have a back it backs onto the rest of the church it doesn't have a back where did he go . . toastynoneofyourbusiness There's probably a wizard's pub somewhere around there and the spell keeps overlapping with the nearby buildings captainlovelxce i haven't really been interacting with the notes on this post bc it blew up unexpectedly and ive been rly busy, but reblogging again to say - holy fuck, there is actually a pub just down the road that's all boarded up and derelict but i HAVE seen people go in and out of it and sometimes you can see a light on in the upstairs window Source:motherfortuna #bahahahahah #sacred space #fairy circle 92,553 notes TFW you live in a liminal space