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Definitely, School, and Control: What is the funniest loophole you have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology When I was in school, they held a robotics competition. It was pretty simple, conceptually. You had to make a firefighting robot. It would have to navigate a maze, find a candle and put it out (fully automated, no remote control). I can't remember the exact size but I think the robot had to be smaller than 1 foot in length, width, and height Scoring was as follows. You start with your time (how long it takes to search every room and put out the candle), and get deductions (bonus points) if your robot: Put out the candle with anything other than a fan (water, for instance) Searched every room, didn't just stop at the one with the candle Could separate into parts to search rooms in parallel Operated on very little code (there were a few benchmarks for this) I entered a block of dry ice: It basically just had a spring-powered hammer to shatter it into little pieces when the start timer went (so that it would evaporate faster) It basically just had a spring-powered hammer to shatter it into little pieces when the start timer went (so that it would evaporate faster) In seconds the entire maze was filled with a white fog and the candle was definitely out. I had the fastest time by a landslide even before you counted my deductions: Didn't use a fan? Check Search every room? Check Separate into parts to put out fires in parallel? Check I think I could've been the only person in history to ever win a robotics competition without writinga single line of code or soldering a single wire. But alas, the judges disqualified me by unanimous vote. WHY ARE YOU BOOING ME? I'M RIGHT I see his robot as an absolute win

I see his robot as an absolute win

Advice, Android, and Apple: creative writing MASTERPOST studysection: Hey guys! As a writer myself, it’s hard to have a lot of resources for writing in one place. That’s why I decided to create this masterpost, and maybe make more if I find future resources. I hope you like it, and expect to see more masterposts like this in the future! Generators Character Appearance Generator Archetypes Generator Character Generator Character Traits Generator Family Generator Job/Occupation Generator, (II) Love Interest Generator Motive Generator Name Generator Personality Generator, (II) Quick Character Generator Super Powers Generator Names Brand Name Generator Medicine Title Generator Name Generator Quick Name Generator Vehicle Generator Town Name Generator Plot First Encounter Generator First Line Generator, (II) Plot Generator, (II), (III) Plot Device Generator Plot Twist Generator Quick Plot Generator Setting/World-Building City Generator Fantasy Race Generator Laws Generator Pet Generator Setting Generator Species Generator Terrain Generator Prompts Subject Generator ”Take Three Nouns” Generator Word Prompt Generator Misc Color Generator Decision Generator Dialogue Generator Journey Generator Title Generator, (II), (III) Some Tips Just a few I found from the writing tips tag! Writing action / @berrybird How to create a strong voice in your writing / @collegerefs How to plot a complex novel in one day! / @lizard-is-writing 8 ways to get past writer’s block / @kiramartinauthor psa for writers / @dasakuryo ”Write Using Your 5 Senses” / @ambientwriting How People Watching Improves Your Writing / @wherethetransthingsare Writing Science Fiction: Tips for Beginners / @fictionwritingtips Creating Likeable Characters / @authors-haven Vocabulary Descriptive words / @somekindofstudent Words to replace “Said” / @msocasey Obscure color words / @mintsteelpeachlilac Words to spice up your stories / @busyibee Words to describe someone’s voice Words to Use Instead of Very / @gaybybirth Touchy Feely Words / @gaybybirth Some Advice Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers ”But my plot isn’t UNIQUE or BIG enough!” / @youreallwrite 8 Things Every Creative Should Know / @adamjk (How To) Get Over Comparing Yourself to Other Creatives / @adamjk How to Get Over Common Creative Fears (Maybe) / @adamjk 14 Tips From Stephen King On Writing / @i-can-give-you-prompts Playlists Electronic Thoughts / @eruditekid “Mix About Writing” An Instrumental Mix / @shadowofemirates Shut Up, I’m Writing! / @ninadropdead Chill / @endlessreveries Breathtaking Film Scores / @tweedskirts Music to Write to Vol. 1: Starlight / @crestadeen Music for Written Words / @ghoulpatch Dead Men Tell No Tales / @scamandersnewt Fatale / @dolcegf All These Things that I’ve Done / @referenceforwriters Feeling Soaking into Your Bones / @verylondon I Can Feel Your Pulse in the Pages / @rphelper Morally Ambiguous / @scamandersnewt Wonderwall / @wheelerwrites Pythia / @mazikeene Ballet: To Dance / @tanaquil Websites and Apps For Writing ZenPen: A minimalist writing website to keep you free of distractions and in the flow. The Most Dangerous Writing App: A website where you have to keep typing or all of your writing will be lost. It helps you keep writing…kind of. You can choose between a time or word count limit! Evernote: An online website where you can take notes and save the product to your laptop and/or smartphone! Writer, the Internet Typewriter: It’s just you and your writing, and you can save your product on the website if you create an account. Wordcounter: A website to help check your word and character count, and shows words you’re using frequently. Monospace: An Android app for writing on the go when you feel the inspiration, but you don’t have your laptop on you! For Productivity Tide: An app that combines a pomodoro-esque timer with nature sounds and other noises! (Google Play / Apple Store) ClearFocus: An Android app with a pomodoro-type time counter to let you concentrate easier and stay productive. Forest: An app with a time counter to keep you focused and off your phone, and when you complete the time limit, a tree grows in your garden! (Google Play / Apple Store) SelfControl: A Mac downloadable app that blocks you from distracting mail servers, websites, and other things! Prompt Blogs @writeworld @dialouge-prompts @oopsprompts @prompts-for-the-otp @creativepromptsforwriting @the-modern-typewriter @theprofessionalpromptmaker @writers-are-writers @otp-imagines-cult @witterprompts @havetobememes @auideas @putthepromptsonpaper @promptsonpaper @fyotpprompts @otpisms @soprompt @otpprompts @ablockforwritersblock @awritersnook Writing Tips Blogs @writeworld @anomalously-written @awritersnook @clevergirlhelps @referenceforwriters @whataboutwriting @thewritershelpers @nimblesnotebook @slitheringink

studysection: Hey guys! As a writer myself, it’s hard to have a lot of resources for writing in one place. That’s why I decided to create t...

Af, Being Alone, and Bad: Tom Sauer @thomasbsauer (THREAD) A few observations from a former bomb disposal officer G.e. Me) 1. Proper pipe bombs don't have wires connected to both ends. That's dumb. 1:15 PM 24 Oct 18 from Washington, DC 1,354 Retweets 1,736 Likes Tom Sauer @thomasbsauer 2. You can find timers/ remote control receivers WAY smaller than whatever that white box is. A proper timer would best be stored inside the pipe, making it fully encapsulated I hat thing is just silly looking 1:15 PM 24 Oct 18 from Washington, DC 224 Retweets 555 Likes Tom Sauer @thomasbsauer 3. Bottom Line: Whoever made that wanted it to be painfully obvious to anyone and everyone that it's a "bomb." This is nearly the same as a bundle of road flares wrapped together with an old-timey alarm clock ticking away. 1:15 PM 24 Oct 18 from Washington, DC 397 Retweets 1,005 Likes Tom Sauer @thomasbsauer 4, "Hoax Devices" are FAR more common than real ones. In which case, we should ask ourselves what the motives of the "bomber" are and "who benefits?" Go ahead. Think deeply and critically. 1:15 PM 24 Oct 18 from Washington, DC 387 Retweets 915 Likes robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: whiskey-gunpowder: skypig357: oldmarine1775: whiskey-gunpowder: the golden rule: if the media pushes something, be very skeptical. If MSM is pushing it, I promise you it’s total BS. If it were Republicans receiving these “bombs” you wouldn’t hear anything about it. Guess you’ve not seen the news. Press conferences. Arrest was made. It was legit. Not hoax devices and not a false flag. And if you don’t think the MSM would cover Republicans getting bombs in the mail you’re insane. Even if they hate republicans they’ll cover that for ratings. Money talks the media is nothing more than a left wing propaganda machine. they report narratives, not facts So is Fox News a right wing propaganda machine they reports narratives, not facts? If the media reports something you want to be true, do you think it’s equally Fake News? Also I’m not basing anything off the media, but the press conference that the FBI and Attorney General made noting the arrest and status of the devices. Then a basic search of the subject (Cesar Sayoc) gives you a trove of information https://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-director-christopher-wrays-remarks-regarding-arrest-of-cesar-sayoc-in-suspicious-package-investigationFBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks Regarding Arrest of Cesar Sayoc in Suspicious Package InvestigationSourcing of all media is a good idea. Check and double check. But if you go down the rabbit hole of actual distrust and embracing conspiracy theories you’re lost. Weird how the FBI was able to get this guy so quick, yet missed the Parkland shooter, despite years of reports… DNA and fingerprints. If you’re in the system and you’ve committed a national crime, it’ll be over quick. He left evidence Even though I’m in the system (USN), it took them two weeks to run a background check on me when I applied for an airport job, but they nabbed this guy in less than 48 hours? I find that suspicious af. Dude. Your background check act of domestic terrorism that’s targeting politicians and media all over the news in an election year. If you find that suspicious I don’t know what to tell you. What’s the alternative? A conspiracy involving hundreds of FBI agents and techs, local and state law enforcement, postal service, and media? Are you serious? You don’t need all that when folks don’t question and just obey because they’re “taking care of the bad guys.” All you need are a few rotten apples at the top.But, none of those packages went through the mail. That’s given away by the lack of postal cancellation, as well as not enough postage.Otherwise, the timing is what I call suspicious. Hostage situations have taken longer. Hell, since you brought up domestic terrorism, it took them longer to find McVeigh and Kazinski (sp?) than this guy. Even assuming it is the right guy, do we know who he really is? If he was capable of organizing something like this by himself? If he working alone? If he isn’t the face of a larger scheme? It wouldn’t be the first time the “ lone wolf” angle being pushed by the media looked a little suspicious.As an aside, I love it when people get into pointless arguments about CNN vs Fox News and which one is “less biased“, as though they aren’t both owned by the same sort of people and used to pump out varying levels of propaganda for controlled opposition.

robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: robert-the-redhead-lover: skypig357: whiskey-gunpowder: sky...