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Africa, America, and Tumblr: World Map The 2" largeat and popalous conturent. It covers 1. of the a: Earths toauace area, or 20.41 oE sts land mea. Heata 1o Nn peopie, or about 14.121 of the worlds uman pepuistion. 56 Cutres A dontinent whelly withim the Northern Hemisptere North America: and almost whelly within the Wertess Remuaphere It 14 kCarths taa, or 16.5 of tts land anea. Hoats about 529 million pepe 23 ndependent shotes (countriee Boint Lucio Artoo and Bartoon Cdo Cominico El Salvador Guaremaia Unaesd Soies Dependent Territemes Angalia, Arva Bqjo Nuevo Bank, Bermudo Bitiah A continent is one of several very large landmasstes ontht, C Greeriana. Hlomerro conventionally ot seven regions Largest to emallest): Asia. iquelon. Serraris Bark. Snt Maaren. Turks and Cavcus Iaiands. U.s Vigun xigns Africa, North America. South America, Antaretica, Eopeat Euatatia. Federal Degendencies of vereuea and Australia. The 7-continent model is moet taught in South Amenhe s m saty arm China, India, and most Engish-speaking countries. CaheaL Boraure.Gvadeoupe. Mohnque. Saba. Eam Andrés atd Providencia. is most taugt iSouth Ameria Eatimasen amagi Rh ar Baivia Colome Furaguay Uruguay Ecuador Peru Venezuela French Quana The largest and aet popudous continent, loeated primarily is the Eartha aoutherncst contimenx. contarmg the South Paie this taal suriace area, or 301 of ita tand area. Hoets eoi of the worlds baman popuiaion, which is approumaeely a9 billion peaple. 4 ca: 98 La covered In ice, at least 1mle thick. O penm popadation The smallest continent It sovera 21 of the Earths taa, but Si Lanka Syria Tajikistan Thailond Timor-Leste Czech Repubic PortugalUnted Kingedem Brune Kores, Norh Pakan Korea, South Chna Phlppines ved Arob Emirahen bona ind ungary Northem Cypms Monaco Hontenegoweden Kyrgyston Russ Saudi Arabia Yemern Norway Turkey Cyprus Australu Smatiest continent! Encompasans the 3 counares of Australia Papus New Guimea and portixna o lodonesia. Depehdent istc. farabakh, khazo. Taiwan Ter Akrah and Dbakelia, British Indan Oceon Tentoy Cocos CKeelng) uands, Hoig Kang, Macau British Indan Ocean lTermory. Chrismas The lonegoThe he poies is much siower at 36 days. It has a which lowms a whhe cown with paama poets The smaes pianer of the sociar aysiem, who ase has Me cury Jupiter Venus The venan yeir orotal penod) is asou 255 cays iong wnee me abou 111 Earth days ongA gas giant of hyd ogen and heium wth mousands of ningjets aod dop made with chucks of ice and rocks Is sudereal roanion penod F Its largest moon is signty bgger discovereci its ing compenition Pyobus sent ae onto verus has orly Sureved a Rew nours onthan Mercury voyager 1 and 2 e 0 4 cam days at -2 n me easly 1980s Galles Gale was the lnt to ooseve me Ou home pianer 5 Fron the u, he erest pianet inur Earthuranus osceredi by Wilann Herschet on March la. 115, uranus has bland looking onet n Rb6 Llans s one cf two ice gas gants days (23 934 hours) tom fomed 4 54 allon years ao and 1,000 yeas oid its an Engiah/Geiman wora smaly meaning grand. Doccsenecd by urban Le verner. Jahn Couch Adams andxan Neptune In 30ob. the Preania hars Lander found water ce lespeced) nd <p><a href="http://studdiction.tumblr.com/post/108009178543/notes-on-geography-and-planets" class="tumblr_blog">studdiction</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><em><small>Notes on geography and planets</small></em></p></blockquote>

studdiction: Notes on geography and planets