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Been seeing a lot of Lucid Dreaming posts. Here’s my quick tutorialomg-humor.tumblr.com: Lucid Dreaming Lucid dreaming ie when a person is sleeping, and while dreaming the person realizes they are dreaming. From there, the dreamer can control what he/she aes in their dream. This all seems simple enough.owever, it can take months of training before lucioty is achieved. I will do my best to give a quick icro to Lucid Dreaming with techniques to become lucid with the 2yrs of xp I have in the subject. Sorry if it runs a little long. AM I DREAMING? DILD- Dream Induced Lucid Dream. You're dreaming and then realize you're dreaming. No Reality Check (RC) is involved. MILD- Mnemonic Induced LD. This relies on RC's while you're awake carrying into your dream. WILD- Wake Induced LD. This is going from being awake to forming a dream consciously. This will require you to go through Sleep Paralysis (SP). This must also be timed with your REM cycle (where dreaming occurs) There are a few other ways to become lucid, but these are the major ones Reality Checks (RC)s when you make checks while you're awake. YMMV on these. would usually do all these throughout my day. Look at a clock, ook away, and look back. In dreams, clocks can drastically change from minutes to hours. Look at text. In dreams, text is usually jumbled letters or even just scribbles. Look at your hand. In a dream, depending on the person, you can have too many/ too few fingers or no fingers/ hands at all! If you have hands, try to pusha finger through your palm. In dreams, you can push your finger through your palm. These RC's must be done with intention. You must do them often enough during the day that they will erid up carrying over into your dream as well as really paying attention and questioning, "Am I dreaming?" If you're not serious and don't pay attention, or do this too much, you may miss an RC in your dream and will miss becoming lucid. I've done it many times before. Hypnagogic Imagery (HI)- Ever see colors or spots or lines as you're falling asleep? These are HI. It's just your mind trying to "see" in the black your closed eyes make. When trying to perform a WILD, you try to passively focus on those to form a scene of a dream to fall into. However, do not focus on them or you'll loose them. There is a fine line here. Hypnagogic Hallucinations (HH)- As you fall into SP, people will experience different things. White noise, hearing people talking, screams, or other horrible sounds. The 2 latter will be something you'll need to overcome if it happens to you, and realize it's just your mind playing tricks and nothing can hurt you. Stay calm and don't focus on them. Sleep paralysis (SP) is the body's way of keeping you from acting out what your dreaming. Your mind separates itself from your body when this happens so to speak. Due to this "disconnecting", you will feel like you're falling. Ever have that falling sensation right when you wake up? That's because you woke up before you were out of SP, you, mind was still "disconnected", and "reconnects" as you are stărtled. Have you ever been trying to fall, asleep and you have an itch, feel some tíngles, or something else that causes you to move? This is your mind sending dut signals to your body asking if it is asleep as you will be unconscious before you're put into SP. Ignore these urges to move. You will also experience some form of HI/HH, a falling sensation, and "weight" upon your chest (referred to as "The Old Hag"). These are all normal. With determination, persistence, and prantice, you should be able to achieve lucidity. The key is to not become discouraged, It may take before your first There are forums dedicated to LDs. I don't want to flood them, so will not mention them here, but some quick Googling will bring it up, and I highly recommend it if you're serious about LD. Happy Dreaming! Puol oeeim FUNNY STUFF ON MEMEPIX.COM Been seeing a lot of Lucid Dreaming posts. Here’s my quick tutorialomg-humor.tumblr.com

Been seeing a lot of Lucid Dreaming posts. Here’s my quick tutorialomg-humor.tumblr.com