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Blessed, Community, and Facebook: SCENTSY Scentay CENTSY INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT INDEPENDEN Consultant Rub and sniff! Pink Cotton HTTPS:SmellySoGood.Scentsy.US e across the street from you and wanted to say hello and single mother of 2 awesome kiddos ( e-our kiddos may even know each other) I apologize if you are not interested. This will be only a onetime thing just to reach out to my neighbors, get to know my mtroce you to myser ana my business! I am a community, and get some exposure for my business at the same time! I am an Scentsy Consultant. I have attached a "mini catalog" for you to view if you are seeing what Scentsy is. There is even a rub and sniff sticker on my business card! I absolutely LOVE Scentsy and their quality! I have a "basket" (its actually a bag) together for viewing and parties. This basket includes testers of all the scents and several other items. If you would like to view these items or test the scents, please feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call. You Independent interested in can earn half-priced AND FREE ITEMS by hosting a party. There are several types of parties you have if an in-home party is not something you want to do, then there are several other options. I like to think of the in-home parties friends, a bottle of wine or some can chance for us women to get together with our cocktails, and have a little lady's night all while checking out what Scentsy has to offer! We can also do Facebook parties and text parties if you would rather not do the in-home option. For the in-home parties you do not have to have me present for that unless you just want me there...if you don't, I will make sure l am available by phone the as a whole time for any questions. I can also do Fundraisers for almost any organization or reason if this is something that may be needed or wanted. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will happily get you answers! OR if you would like to join Scentsy to make extra money or possibly to even replace your current income please let me know! It's only $99.00 to join and you get A LOT of stuff to help you start your business for that small amount! Thank you for your time and I apologize for bothering you if you are not interested! If you are, please feel free to contact me at any time or even visit my website to place an order or even email me though there! T hope you have a blessed evening! Also, if you would like to receive some free samples then please shoot me a text with your address and when I do my "happy mail" I will be sure to include you! Again, thank you so very much, FREE #SCENTSYLIFE & half-price items! After working all day, everyone in my neighborhood came home to this hun hanging on their mailbox

After working all day, everyone in my neighborhood came home to this hun hanging on their mailbox