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America, Bad, and Books: NotLaja Follow @NotLaja Sometimes I think about how American Girl TM really advertised and sold a slave doll in the 90s Americal Ci 867 MaT ddy 12:39 PM - 29 Aug 2019 423 Retweets 953 Likes l American Ci 1861 Addy Chakra Kahn Follow @ChaniThaHippie Ummm...a slave doll who escaped to freedom with her family, learned how to read, her brother fought in the war, and had an entire collection of books with historically based content to teach all girls about the many ways you can be an American Girl but okay NotLaja @NotLaja Sometimes I think about how American GirlTM really advertised and sold a slave doll in the 90s Show this thread 1:05 PM 29 Aug 2019 5,468 Retweets 18,154 Likes ayalaatreides: chaos-in-the-making: smugkoalas: allthefandomss: that-catholic-shinobi: gahdamnpunk: American Girl stories were the best tbh Dude, read the books, she and her mom freed themselves in Book 1. We don’t disrespect American Girl in this house Don’t you dare disrespect Addy, or any of my girls for that matter. American Girl used to be legit. Good stories, good dolls, good movies. Felicity’s story was set in the beginnings of the American Revolution, and addressed the conflict that she faced when her loved ones were split between patriots and loyalists. It also covered the effects of animal abuse, and forgiving those who are unforgivable. Samantha’s stories centered around the growth of industrial America, women’s suffrage, child abuse, and corruption in places of power. Also, it emphasises how dramatically adoption into a caring family can turn a life around. Kit’s story is one of my favorites. Her family is hit hard by the Great Depression, and they begin taking in boarders and raise chickens to help make ends meet. Her books include themes of poverty, police brutality, homelessness, prejudice, and the importance of unity in difficult times. Molly’s father, a doctor, is drafted during the Second World War. Throughout her story, friends of hers suffer the loss of their husbands, sons, and brothers overseas. Her mother leaves the traditional housewife position and works full-time to help with the war effort. They also take in an English refugee child, who learns to open up after a life of traumatic experience. American Girl stories have always featured the very harsh realities of America through the years. But they’re always presented honestly, yet in ways that kids can understand. They just go to show that you don’t have to live in a perfect time to be a real American girl. Dont you fucking dare disrespect the American Girls in my house. ESPECIALLY Addy!! That was my first REAL contact with the horrors of slavery, as I read about her father being whipped and sold and her mother escaping with her to freedom, but also how freedom was still a struggle. A slave doll. Please. Read the books. Clowns on social media: “This thing looks kinda potentially maybe bad from just a few superficial details, so I have decided that this thing is evil. If you like it, you are evil too.”