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A Dream, Alive, and Bitch: r/PandR 4h redd it trump: no politician in history has ever been treated worse or more unfairly than m Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown I had a dream I was at the beach again and it was some weird like oceanfront restaurant except you just say in the water but there was also like a pier above you could eat on and so my family was on the pier but I went down into the water and i can't remember if it was like really shallow like I was just standing in the water or if it was deep and i was floating but I looked down and all of a sudden a whale shark appeared and I was like holy shit but then I was like? what the fuck? it was just its head. so I asked an employee or something and they were like oh yeah he's just a head but he's still alive he just floats around. and then later I was sitting on the beach with all these people from my school that I'm just not friends with at all and this one girl was sitting like closer towards the water and all of a sudden a really big wave came and since the girl was sitting it was like as tall as she was and a great white shark started swimming towards her like INSIDE THE WAVE and nobody else seemed to notice and I was like BITCH YOU BETTER FUCKIDNHS RUN. also at some point in the dream me and my friend went to another persons house and I'm not really friends with them but like I sometimes talked to them at school and I can't remember what we did or anything but they ended up getting really mad at me for some reason. OH and another thing, the part where I was on the beach and the shark almost at the girl, for whatever reason, and this happens a lot in my dreams, o just am not able to turn a certain direction. like I was trying so hard to look to the left in my dream and I either a) just can't move my head or b) everything to that side is just blank even though I know there are people there cause I can hear them. it's so obnoxious and I can feel myself getting like annoyed idk