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Fucking, Roger, and Scream: quasikool: busilisk: emjaidi: amphibizzy: this video is cursed that fucking furby had fear in its eyes. he trusted you he opens his mouth to scream but theres nothing left of him Everything about this video is magnificent. -the thick Finnish accented host of the video calls it a “FUUURB” -the Furby falls “asleep” moments before being placed in the hydraulic press -as it’s being crushed, the Furby’s eyes and eyelids twitch ever so slightly enough to give the appearance that the Furby is feeling every ounce of pain it’s experiencing -the Furby’s beak is dislodged from its face and opens up before the hydraulic press finishes the job -right when the Furby is crushed a black ooze seeps from its insides and drips on the floor -all the while an unidentified woman in the background is cackling at the sight of the poor bastard meeting its doom -we also get two gratuitous slow motion replays of the homicide, one of which has a bombastic, orchestral piece play over the footage -the host holds up the flattened pancake remains of the Furby, which would have not looked out of place as a practical effect in the 1988 Robert Zemeckis film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” -also some Legos get crushed but it doesn’t hold a candle to everything that happened to that damn Furby, it really doesn’t This is some quality shit right here Also please watch this with the subtitles on. They gave the furby dialogue. “It is extremely Dangerous and Evil Being.”