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persephinae:Please read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books: Now a black-robed figure scurried through the midmiuth streets, ducking from doorway to doorway, and reachet grim and forbidding portal. No mere doorway got tha m without effort, one felt. It looked as though the architecth been called in and given specific instructions. We w something eldritch in dark oak, he'd been told. So pu unpleasant gargoyle thing over the archway, give i like the footfall of a giant and make it clear to everyour fact, that this isn't the kind of door that goes "ding when you press the bell. The figure rapped a complex code on the work. A tiny barred hatch opened and one peered out. GUARDS! GUARDS! tor, trying to wring the rainwater out of its robe. intoned a voice on the other side of the grille. countered the dripping figure. " The significant owl hoots in the night,' " said the visi- 'Yet many gray lords go sadly to the masterless men, 3 73 Hooray, hooray for the spinster's sister's daughter;" “ ‘To the axeman, all supplicants are the same height!" “ ‘Yet verily, the rose is within the thorn. ” «" The good mother makes bean soup for the errant boy,' " said the voice behind the door. of Then the visitor said, "What?" boy. said, "Are you sure the ill-built tower doesn't tremble There was a pause, broken only by the sound of the rain. " The good mother makes bean soup for the errant There was another, longer pause. Then the damp figure 9 55 mightily at a butterfly's passage?" "Nope. Bean soup it is. I'm sorry." an The rain hissed down relentlessly in the embarrassed si- lence. "What about the cagèd whale?" said the soaking visitor, trying to squeeze into what little shelter the dread portal offered. "What about it?" "It should know nothing of the mighty deeps, if you must "Oh, the cagèd whale. You want the Elucidated Brethren "Who're you, then?" 93 know." of the Ebon Night. Three doors down." "We're the Illuminated and Ancient Brethren of Ee." I thought you met over in Treacle Street," said the damp "Yeah, well. You know how it is. The fretwork club have 64 man, after a while. the room Tuesdays. There was a bit of a mix-up persephinae:Please read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books