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Callout culture is fun: scammer Belle Delphine @bunnydelphine I got arrested lol Metropolitan Police Belle Delphine @bunnydelphine I stg this girl came to my party and stole my hamster. I have no idea why, or who tf does that? I spray painted the fucc out of her car and got arrested, at least I got my hamster back. bitch Hayy, did u take Ba the other righ been ack ing Lel yeah hought it would be kes hars co fked u wiy? Gave me m AY STER 6:45 PM 07 Oct 19 Twitter Web App said she saw you carrying my hamster outside but thought it was a joke, but now my hamsters missing so where the fuck is she ??7 have you her? hello ? can you reply please lal what are u talking about I didn't take ur hamster outside iterally have two people now saying they say you saw Lolll ok then sO wif is this then ?? Heyy, did u take Belles hamster the other night because been asking? Lol yeah I thought it would be jokes That's so fucked up why?? This person is'auailable right now 110 Give me m TAYISTER littenlitten don't forget about this picture too geekandmisandry Clown Pepe / Honk Honk / Clown World Warning: This page contains material that may be considered not safe for work. Confirmed Views: 824,137 Updated about a month ago Added 7 months ago MAia Summary Clown Pepe, also known as Honk Honk, is a depiction of Pepe the Frog wearing a rainbow wig and red clown nose. In February 2019, racist and anti-Semitic variations of the character named "Honkler" began appearing on 4chan's/pol/ board. OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols 27 September 2019 Newsbeat f GETTY IMAGES The OK hand sign has been added to a list of hate symbols. The finger-and-thumb gesture -which is also a popular emoji - is being used by some as a "sincere expression of white supremacy", according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). deadg1rls oh shit someone stole my pet time to be a nazi for the gram thatdumbasschicken Dude, clown pepe is a twitch emote, the plataform she streams in, and that's just an Ok sign, I don't even like or follow the girl but for god's sake, stop reaching for clout. Fonte: Scammer Callout culture is fun