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Alive, Arthur, and Best Friend: akingandhiswarlock: brolinmerthurendlesslove: #ugh #he’s saying thank you for choosing me even though i know how much your father means to you #and i will love you and protect you forever and always don’t you worry #you were the only one for me and i wouldn’t have it any other way #all with the look in his eyes (via magikalk) Now that I’m watching their faces on repeat, I’m realizing what their looks really mean in this moment. I have no doubt that Arthur protected Merlin from Uther more than once while he was alive; Uther handed out punishments like candy to anyone less than a knight, and we all know Merlin often made mistakes because he’s The Worst Manservant Ever. Even so, I don’t think it ever occurred to Arthur that Uther would kill Merlin for anything. Earlier he asked Merlin why Uther’s ghost would have tried to kill Guinevere, when “he knows how much I love her.” I think he thought the same thing about Merlin. Uther had seen the bond between his son and Merlin a lot more than he’d seen Arthur and Gwen’s love. It was obvious to everyone in the castle how much Merlin and Arthur cared about each other. I think it’s breaking Arthur’s heart right here to realize that Uther really did care more about his legacy than about how Arthur would feel if Merlin, his best friend and closest companion, were to die, when Uther knew the unspoken love his son had for Merlin. And Merlin, just like it says in the tags above, is realizing that Arthur really will put him first when it comes down to it. Arthur didn’t hesitate to send Uther back–didn’t try reasoning or talking to him like he had before. Arthur blew the horn without even stopping to let him finish his sentence, because once his father tried to kill Merlin, he was done with him for good. I think Merlin is seeing, once again, how worthy Arthur is of his love–how brave and strong his king must be to stand up to his father like that, when he’d spent all of his life respecting and fearing Uther. He’s relieved that he was saved and his magic wasn’t found out, but he’s also just so proud and loving Arthur more than ever. Merlin and Arthur is literally just the best love story ever.