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waaaooh: the signs and the five senses aries: the smell of cigarette smoke, the sight of libra: the smell of vanilla, the sight of painted empty streets at night, the sound of handprints on a wall, the sound of a movie uncontrollable laughter, the taste of tea, the feel soundtrack, the taste of italian food, the feel of a of many kisses. warm bubble bath. taurus: the smell of fresh flowers, the sight of scorpio: the smell of bonfires, the sight of words scribbled out on paper, the sound of a bookshelves in libraries, the sound of a type guilty pleasure pop song, the taste of writer, the taste of whiskey, the feel of an marshmallows, the feel of a good night's sleep. oversized jumper. gemini: the smell of expensive perfume, the sight of sunsets, the sound of water ripples, the sagittarius: the smell of candles, the sight of taste of champagne, the feel of a bathroom tile fairy lights, the sound of a church choir, the taste of mint, the feel of nostalgia. bare-footed. cancer: the smell of baked goods, the sight of capricorn: the smell of book pages, the sight of sunflowers, the sound of seagulls, the taste of tartan patterns, the sound of a busy city street, soft icecream, the feel of sand between your the taste of coffee, the feel of ambition. toes, leo: aquarius: the smell of nail polish, the sight of a the smell of an evening barbecue, the sight full moon, the sound of a music box, the taste of of sparklers, the sound of whistling, the taste of liquorice, the feel of goosebumps. coca-cola, the feel of warm sunshine. pisces: the smell of swimming pools, the sight of virgo: the smell of a forest, the sight of vines on a messed up bed, the sound of a piano, the taste buildings, the sound of vinyls, the taste of avocado, the feel of leaves rustling under your of pancakes, the feel of first love shoes. waaaooh