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Life, Love, and McDonalds: youeitherskateoryoudie-deactiva i hate when ur in public somewhere and something goes mildly wrong/ something inconvenient happens and the nearest baby boomer tries to get you to complain with them 28-larry what does this even mean youeitherskateoryoudie EXAMPLE you are in line at mcdonalds. its really busy and the employees are overwhelmed. it's taking a long time. you are minding your own business. the old man in line next to you says to you, "boy, this is absolutely ridiculous, isn't it? these kids working just dont know what they're doing. Or they just dont care..." you awkwardly nod and take a step to the side gallusrostromegalus This has probably been said a million times before but: Defend the employees. going to see Karen from Really, you're never Stubenville again in your life, so side-eye her real good and say: "It's not thier fault they're understaffed. Hav- ing worked retail before, they'd love to have another three or five people back there help- ing out. But since the whole 'downsizing' craze of the ninties, companies try to get as much out of thier employees as possible without regard for thier welfare, or the effect on service. You should really get on McD's website and complain about the chronic understaffing and tell them you're willing to pay more elsewhere for better service. They LISTEN to people like you." People love to complain, especially entitled people. The good news is that they're easily redirected with mild praise and a shiny new target. Butter the elders and aim them at the bourgoise smallest-feeblest-boggart aim them at the bourgeoisie Baby boomers man

Baby boomers man

Fall, Fire, and Phone: Employment Law Told that my eight hour shift is now thirty six hours and I'll be fired if I fall asleep. [Washington] (self.legaladvice) submitted 6 hours ago (last edited 3 hours ago) by delightfulspacepeach Like the title says. I work at a 24-hour post as a security guard and we are majorly understaffed. I showed up at 2PM expecting to work 2-10 and another 2-10 tomorrow. My boss tells me there was a call-off and could I please show up at 10am tomorrow to work 10-10. I agreed. My boss went home and called me two hours into my shift to tell me my relief would not be showing and that he couldn't find a replacement. I told him I could either work overnight or pull a 12 tomorrow, but I cannot work 32 hours straight and safely drive home. I also have a medical condition I need to take medication for and a missed dose will give me debilitating withdrawal symptoms. My boss informed me that he was going to bed and would be turning off his phone. It's 11:30PM and I've tried contacting everyone up the chain. Nobody has so much as an estimate as to when I can go home-they're all asleep or punting the problem to someone else (who is asleep). If I leave, I'll be fired. If I fall asleep, I'll be fired. What's my best move? (Edited for spacing) Edit: it turns out what my bosses are doing isn't illegal but I seriously doubt they'll fire me when it means they'll be down three workers instead of two. I've informed the only person I can reach (my direct supervisor) that I'll be leaving at a set time, whether they've found a replacement or not. Second edit: I got my supervisors spoken permission to go home and take my meds/eat, and unspoken permission to curl up on the dirty floor someplace off camera to sleep. Job hunt starts tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your help. Reddit user finds that his boss can legally schedule him for 36 hour shifts and fire him for not completing them without falling asleep.

Reddit user finds that his boss can legally schedule him for 36 hour shifts and fire him for not completing them without falling asleep.