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Books, Energy, and Facebook: SHOULD I UNFRIEND THIS PERSON? HOW BADIS the COMMENT/POST? LOUD AND WRONG OR BIGOTED MEME OR VIDEO SLURS/HATE SPEECH THEIR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE BUT IT'S LOW-KEY FUCKED UP YIKES. Is this a first offense or... THEY KEEP SLIPPIN' AND I'M OVER IT Ain't nobody got time for that Do you know them IRL? NO YES They're usually on point. I dunno WHAT THE HELL is goin' on. SEE? This is why we don't friend randos How often do you see them? Weddings & holidays, ALL THE TIME! We Not that often but It's been a few We work saw the Black Panther we're friendly years & I haven't together THIS FOOL IS MY FAMILY doc together. They should know better. missed them What did I tell you about adding coworkers? SHIT. Aw damn. Leave a “not cool. Let's talk offline" then talk to them offline. Do you have time energy to talk to them? YES NO Don't sweat it. Make a mental note, check the chart next time. "Hey this isn't cool/appropriate, here's a link for more info. UNFRIENDING WILL CAUSE TOO MUCH DRAMA Change your privacy settings & restrict them from leaving comments. Franchesca Ramsey, WeLL, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY @chescaleigh chescaleigh: With my book release less than a week away, I’m excited to share an excerpt from “Well, That Escalated Quickly” on Shondaland, the new Shonda Rhimes lifestyle site, which includes handy “Should I unfriend this person?” flowchart. As we all know, Facebook has changed many of our lives, relationships and businesses for better aaaand for worse. So I made a handy flowchart to help you decide when to cut the cord with your Facebook friends.   Unfriended! from Well, That Escalated Quickly (via Shondaland) And don’t forget #WTEQ will be available in hardcover, digital and audiobook on 5/22 at your favorite local retailers! Visit wteqbook.com to pre-order, get tour dates and more!