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Memes, Native American, and Argentinian: STOP SAYING WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS WE ARE NOT. If you are an American born in the USA you are NOT an immigrant. Immigrants are people NOTBORN in the USA. who come here to become Americans. If your parents or grandparents immigrated here, but you were bom here, you are NOT an immigrant. 13 percent of the US population is made up of immigrants. That means 87 percent of the population is NATIVE BORN. Almost 90% That means we are a nation of native-boms. We are NOT a nation of immigrants. 💀 Wake the fuck up .. the shit is getting old!! When will you start calling yourself an American Citizen? The liberals took away our identity because it's easy to be a patriotic American if you are willing and it's easy to love America but the liberals commies don't want this so they created the confusion of we are all immigrants except the Indians , well technically the Indians were also immigrants , technically we all migrated everywhere from somewhere. Tell me , do Mexican people call themselves Spanish-Mexican? Lmao hahaha funny isn't , how about Argentinians? Italian Argentinian or Spanish Argentinian ? What soccer team does each country support? You be caught dead if you were a Mexican supporting any other team not Mexican lmao 😂 see at some point we have to come to realization that we are all American citizens in this great republic of ours and the constitution it's our living rights to this great country therefore we are Natives as the whole world see us that way. Have you travel to anywhere in the world and tell them where you from ? What do they say to you? ... they say .. YOU ARE AN AMERICAN 🇺🇸 and they are right .. If you are a legal citizen of the United States of America .. you are a NATIVE AMERICAN CITIZEN!! isn't that what neutralization of what being ones country citizen is all about? And generation after generation of Native American born who have never know any other country but America. 👊🏽💀👍🏽 UncleSamsMisguidedChildren 💀 Check out our store. Link in bio. 💀 LIKE our Facebook page 💀 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 💀 Visit our website for more News and Information. 💀 www.UncleSamsMisguidedChildren.com 💀 Tag and Join our Misguided Family @unclesamsmisguidedchildren Use code USMCNATION10 for 10% off MisguidedLife MisguidedNation USMCNation PewPewLife 2A Military MolonLabe tactical veteran Troops Weapons Veterans AirForce Gun Ammo USMC 0311 Army Navy K9 Infantry Grunt Guns Police Operator ArmyStrong 0311 11B CoastGuard usa