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Bad, Clothes, and Fall: brucebannersbadmanners It occurred to me that the T-rex (we really need an official name for her) from the original Jurassic Park only killed one human in the movie, and it was that shitty lawyer who abandoned the kids anyway, so he had it coming. She wasn't in the second or third film as those took place on the other island. She was, however, in Jurassic World where (spoilers) she saved everyone's asses, JUST like she did at the end of the first film. So let's do a tally here. Humans Killed: 1 Humans Saved: 8 + 1 velociraptor In conclusion the T-rex is the real protagonist of the series thank you. raptorix Of course!! She was the pride and joy of the park. She probably had an audience when she hatched. She imprinted on people, not dinosaurs. Her whole life she was given her proteins handed to her, she has never had to really hunt to survive. She is like a captive-bred tiger. She probably had favorite human handlers. She could tell which humans were the nasty one Reframe the movie where Rexy (that's what l'm calling her) is just as scared as the humans that the power went out, that things were falling apart. She was exploring outside her habitat. She wanted to play with the jeeps. Maybe she wanted to help get the small human out of jeep? Be free, tiny humans! Come back, tiny humans! Don't fall off the cliff, tiny humans! The lawyer smelled bad. Rexy really disliked his smell. He tried to hide it on the toilet, but her nose easily found him. He didn't taste as good as goat, though. His stinky clothes gave her a stomach ache for days. Rexy tried to figure out where the humans went. She found them at the visitors center. And when she got there, a rude raptor wanted to pick a fight with her. No! Get off my bak. What is this thing falling on me??? Someone bring me a goat I'm hungry True Protagonist