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Was searching for calculator project in github. Saw this. It belongs to here.: AceLewis /my_first_calculator.py O Watch Fork Star 11 612 80 目Wiki a Insights Pull requests 2 Security <> Code Issues 25 Projects 0 my_first_calculator.py 0 releases 13 commits 1 branch 4 contributors Clone or download New pull request Branch: master Create new file Upload files Find file AceLewis Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Acelewis/my first calcula...... Latest commit a7aabea on May 16, 2016 .gitattributes Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files 4 years ago Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files .gitignore 4 years ago README.md Recommended from future import division 4 years ago generator.py 4 years ago fix num of ifs - my first calculator.py d 0/0 being my first_calculator_0 to 1000.rt dated the archived 0 t 4 y 20823 lines (20818 sloc) 753 KB 41 2050") prin 20802 You're using jump to definition to te code. Opt out E ver 20803 if numl and sign = '" and num2 == #my_first_calculator.py by AceLewis print("50*42 2100") 20804 TODO : Make it work for all floating point numbers too if numl 50 and sign and num2 43: 23 20805 print ("50 43 2150") 20806 if 3/2 1: #Because Python 2 does not know maths 4 20807 if numl 50 and sign and num2 == 44 . input raw_input # Python 2 compatibility print ("50 44 2200") 20808 20809 if numl 50 and sign and num2 45: print("50 45 2250") print('Welcome to this calculator!) 7 20819 print('It can add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers from 20811 if numl 50 and sign and num2 46: num1 int(input('Please choose your first number: ) print ("50 46 2300") 20812 sign input('What do you want to do? +, /, or ) 10 if numl 50 and sign and num2 20813 47: num2 int (input('Please choose your second number: )) print("50*47 2350") 11 20815 12 if numl 50 and sign *and num2 48: if numl = 0 and sign = ' + 'and num2 0: print ("50 48 13 2400") 20816 print("0+0 0" ) 14 if numl 50 and sign 20817 *and num2 49: if numl 0 and sign == ' + ' and num2 1: 15 20818 print("50*49= 2450") print ("0+1 = 1 " ) if numl 50 and sign and num2 50: 16 20819 if numl and sign == 17 + and num2 -= 2: 20828 print("50*50 2500") print ("0+2 2") 18 20821 20822 print("Thanks for using this calculator, goodbye :") if numl and sign == '+ " and num2 3: 19 print ("0+3= 3") 20 Was searching for calculator project in github. Saw this. It belongs to here.

Was searching for calculator project in github. Saw this. It belongs to here.

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stretchtarot:The Sun & Moon, Lenormand cards 31 and 32