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Bad, Community, and Funny: ..ooo Verizon 11:48 PM 269010. conversational-allstar + grump.. grumpsepticplier Samantha/ 18 years old/ Loves the Game Grumps/NSP/Starbomb Not following each other Today at 11:43 PM grumpsepticplier Hey. I'm only asking cause l saw this in the tag. But do you still do game grumps rps? conversational-allstar no i. i dont do game grumps rps conversational-allstar i have no idea what would give you that mpression im honestly kind of baffled 000 T-Mobile 12:46 AM game grumps rp Follow -o Write a message GIF ..ooo Verizon 11:48 PM 269010. conversational-allstar + grump.. 000 T-Mobile 2:46 AM ④ 92%- game grumps rp Follow bother to poke holes in it.. [cluttering noise of someone tripping in the dark] "DAMMIT!!" #windwaker #rp meme #rp prompts #rp starters 203 notes conversational-allstar Follow game grumps open rp pm me if interested 68 notes rxsebxd Follow Arin Hanson Sentence Starters LOZ Sequelitis Edition Hey, uh... hey, what are you doing over there? Write a message GIF ..ooo Verizon 11:50 PNM 24%) conversational-allstar + grump.. Because l saw this. It is you isn't it? conversational-allstar well that sure is me i think that was a joke i made at some point i didnt think there was an actual game grumps roleplaying community im. sorry grumpsepticplier Well I'm sorry but to me that's not very funny. At least not now it isn't. conversational-allstar my bad man grumpsepticplier Yeah. It is your bad Say something GIF genjimain: transexualizer: so this happened last night amd i was too tired to process how bizzare this was b ut yeah. it is your bad.

genjimain: transexualizer: so this happened last night amd i was too tired to process how bizzare this was b ut yeah. it is your bad.

Cats, Chris Evans, and Chris Pine: crimsonclad greenjimkirk greenjimkirk I don't trust Tom Hardy because he seems like the kind of dog lover who despises cats. Who acts like the entire species slighted him personally and are the cause of global warming Meanwhile, Chris Evans and Chris Pine seem like the kind of dog lovers who prefer dogs but still like cats and understand that they just express affection differently www.wolfn8.con/ton/hard NOTORIOUS rescuer of helpless Romanian street kitten Tom Hardy, who illicitly hid the cat in his hotel room and made sure his new friend got adopted by nice local people before he left the country and posted blogs about how much he loved him??? NAY, I say unto thee. NAY INDEED On the way back from the internet cafe yesterday, there's this kitten in the road, and I'm like. hey kat whssup? then I had to double take. that's a small cat as cats go. it's prolly like a couple months old max. so I'm like hey little fella, and I look about but no one is looking for this thing. so l stopped and turned round and said hey kat where's your family, and he's like I don't know. then he wanders up to me and bang he's in my scoop and Im looking around I ask a few old ladies this your cat, a man this your... nothing, infact the languague barrier lifts with one old lady who speaks no english but I can tell she wishes me well infact every girl in town now notices I have a kitten and even though I have a skinhead and baggy pants on, the uniform of the criminal, I am now such a sweet boy with his kitten. I'm like no, you don't understand this is not my kitten, this is God's child I found in the street prolly belongs to some kid who is crying right now Igot to find him a home is there like an RSPCA here or something? the girls at reception fall in love with him. he's all fluffy coz I put him in a bath, I told them they're like we can see really this kat sparkles now. but he doesn't want to hang out with them he wants to sit on my shoulder and stare and watch MTV in the room... tomorrow he's coming to work and we're going to try and get him rehoused he is such a dude, and he is very funny and likes to talk a lot cuddle and sleep, plus he follows me everywhere talking romanian, I'm like I live in london dude I have no idea what vou're on about" Can you trust Tom Hardy?

Can you trust Tom Hardy?