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Animals, Beef, and God: i days ago (Note: this ranty comment is not meant to offend anyone, but if you are in ISIS or are former Viet Cong, this message is for YOU. It is meant to offend you so if you are, then my mission is accomplished.) This message is for all the cowards currently fighting in the middle east I am not referring to the American-lead Coalition I am referring to the so-called Freedom Fighters of the Islamic State. Guess what? Your use of terrorism and Guerrilla warfare makes your country illegitimate! The same goes for you Viet Cong! Your country is illegitimate! Real patriots, real freedom fighters fight without terror, without hiding behind civilians. You're not Human, you're monsters. The only thing that monsters deserve is death. So I say someone should give them another My Lai Massacre. Bring on the flamethrowers, bring on the napalm! Show them no mercy! Slaughter those inhuman animals and let their god sort them out. For all the Vietnamese and Afghans out there on YouTube, please don't take this the wrong way. I bear no ill-will towards the people, towards the Human Beings who are not part of the Viet Cong, ISIS, Boko Haram or other terrorist organizations. My beef is with the inhumans who use terrorism and guerrilla warfare. They are not people. They are animals. And they deserve to be slaughtered. Massacred My Lai'd One more thing. I am a My Lai Massacre denier and proud of it. Because you can't commit war crimes, you cannot commit massacres, against those who are not Human. Show less I 2 REPLY Boot lets us know that the My Lai Massacre was a good thing

Boot lets us know that the My Lai Massacre was a good thing