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Amazon, Bad, and Bad Boys: ALEX DE CAMP RO STEIN TED B RANDT DE E CUNNIF FE THANKS FOR COMING ALONG, FRANK. IT MEANS S'FINE, BARNES. IM NOT EXACTW OVERBURDEN印 WITH HOLIDA COMMITMENTS ン) AND I'M TRIUWN, DEEPLY SOR2N FOR EVERY THING THAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN HAPPY^ HANUKKAH! HENRY! HERE, AND A FRIEND! GET IN S IT A FRIEND FRIEND, OR JUST A FRIEND? FREEINGUES BROUGHT OUT! HOW'S STEVE? WHAT THE...? HES BUS DOING CHARITY aALAS THIS TIME OF YEAR. DIDNT REALY ASK, WHN DON'T YOu BECAUSE GO TO FANCN GALAS? |Y WHEN I SHOW UP Nou'D Look aREAT /T ONE, PEOPLE JOSH. You ARE.? IN A TuX FUSED. ASSUME SOMEONE'S GONNA DIE THAT'S NONSENSE! IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE NOuVE KIuE ANNONE. THOUGHT HE WAS RISH CATHOUC ITS BEEN FOUR VAYS MY DAD WAS CATHOuc. MY MA WAS JENISH. SISTER BECCA MARRIEN A JEWISH GUN. I'M JEWISH- ADJACENT YOu'RE A JEW! THEN HAD LEAH. SHES THE Ow LADN IN THE KITCHEN D WHO'S GONNA FEED You LATKEs uNTIレ NOU EXPLODE. HENIRN! STOP IT! SPEAKING OF LEAH, SuE HAS AU SORTS OF FAMI STORIES ABOuT BuCKN AS A KID I SPEAK HEBREN BECAUSE EVIL SCIENCE NAZIS IMPLANTEN IT IN MN BZAIN, ALONG WITH 18 OTHER ANGUAGES. HIM DECIDE urs FOR HIMSELF. THERE TO DECIDE? HIS MOM WAS JEWISH, HE SPEAKS HEBREW HE'S A JEW. NO FAIR! ARE THERE PHOTOS? HAVE To Go To STUPIDEBREW SCHCOレ. CAN I GET EVIL SCIENCE NAZIS TO No FINE Look, Kiv. WE DONT GET MANN WERE KEEPING SUPERHEROS.A NOu, AND TO HEL CMON THERE ARE WHOLE ALBUMS. WITH THE FINE PRINT I'M NOT A HERO BulL SURVIVED. EVERYTHING NOu SURVIvEv, AND NOURE STIU A GOOD PERSON LIGHT aO OUT, EVEN WHEN AL WAS DARKENEN WHEN AND TERRIBLE AROUND NOu. YOu HAD NOTHING LEFT TO KEEP IT aOING THIS IS NO SMA ACHIEVEMENT. ift HENRN.. GO GET A SHAMMASH IT'S TIME. HKMC is a work of satire by Alex de Campi (@alexdecampi), Ro Stein (@RosyTintedSpecs), Ted Brandt (@ten_bandits) and Dee Cunniffe (@Deezoid). All characters (c) Marvel Comics. I wasn't going to write any more of these, but then the Pitsburgh Syna gogue shooting happened and I got real, real mad. Friends: the hate you walk past is the hate you accept. Fight Anti-Semitism wherever you see it, whenever, no matter how small. Great evil starts out as little "jokes" people ignore. Don't be an ignorer. (Thanks also to Menachem and Brina for checking everything over, and sour cream is the one true latke topping don't @ me.) jhscdood: alexdecampi: Happy Hanukkah, everyone, from these two jerks! I’m posting this a little early this year. Line art by the amazing Ro Stein Ted Brandt, and colour art by @deecunniffe.  I want to point out what a technical achievement this story is on the art side. There’s a real joy to creating a whole story in eight panels, but this? This is some magic. We introduce four new characters. In panel 5, SIX PEOPLE are talking. SIX. In the world of comics, that’s almost un-doable.  Yet Ro and Ted arranged everything so the conversations flow and are sensibly grouped, all the “acting” is fantastic, and then Dee laid on top these beautiful, almost fairytale colours – look at the subtle work, the blush in Henry’s cheeks, Frank’s five o-clock shadow, the shine of the wine bottle’s glass surface, the light texturing in the backgrounds… and of course the snow! This is some first-class illustration work on an incredibly hard script. (I fear Ro and Ted always get me at my worst – my very formalist script for them in the 24 Panels anthology was no cakewalk either. (The problem is, they’re just so damn good at it… check out their work on the Image comic Crowded!) As always, if you like what we do in Hells Kitchen Movie Club, consider donating a little to a veteran’s charity.  (I also have a thriller novel I’m crowdfunding, please check it out, we are more than halfway there. The book is all written…) Previously in Hell: cover image // 01 // 02 // 03 // Xmas // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // Hanukkah // That time the Punisher’s creator gave us a thumbs-up // twitter // insta I AM CRYING THIS IS GORGEOUS