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America, Bless Up, and Bruh: My (almost 16) good boy is deaf. He didn't hear us come through the back and thinks we are still in the car. vid: reddit u/romansamurai Dromashlove 0:00 0:26 Bro. Tell me why every American hit show got a lead actor playing an American but in real life he British asf with a British accent. The Wire - Dominic West is a Brit. Walking Dead - Andrew Lincoln is a Brit...hol up...AND Lennie James is a Brit! Watch a interview bruv! Your head will explode! On walking dead u see Lennie playing Morgan Jones sounding American asf and then u see a interview and he wearing spectacles and a flannel shirt talmbout “Oi play the charactah Morgan Jewns in Wohkeeng Ded it’s really quat briyyant Cheerio!” Nah. Hell nah. I’m on to y’all. All u Brits with that lovely 1,000 year old accent who come to America and act better than Americans with American accents that sound more American than Americans I 👏 am 👏 on 👏 to 👏 y’all 👏. In fact I got a theory. To be honest bruh? I think y’all talk normal English and sound just like Americans when y’all hanging out in secret but when u in public u put on that cherrio lad accent YALL AINT FOOLING ME 😂. I think y’all put that accent on when the camera rolling and I don’t blame y’all. When y’all acting in American shows that’s when u talk in ya real accent I’m CONVINCED 😂. Like every kid born in England his mama like “Ello, James. Yo foive yeaz old now so eets time we told yew the truth: oi dewnt really towk like theese. In fact, James *American accent* I talk like this. Just like Americans. But we used to be the global colonial super power at once and what distinguished us is our refined English speech SEW NOW YEW GOT TO LEAHN BOTH. IN PROIVATE, YEW CAN TAWK NOH-MAL. IN PUBLIC YEW MUST SPEAK WITH THIS CHEERIO-BRIYYANT-VERY GOOD GUVANNAH TYPE AFFECTATION. OKAY JAMES? And James just like “wow we thought the Canadians were wild for doing the English-French joint but we literally speak English TWO TYPE OF WAYS? Yes James. Yes. But guess what? It’s finna allow u to colonize acting like ya forefathers colonized India LMAOOO. AND IT AIN’T EEN A RACE THING. OL BOY FROM “Get Out”? BRITISH ASF 😂. Watch a interview and see how he REALLY talk...SUPPOSABLY 😂. BLESS UP 🇬🇧😂❤️
Alive, Amazon, and Amazon Prime: Just checking if my dog is still alive in his blanket pile. Confirmed So my homies been ragging on me for STILL not having watched The Wire and it’s free to stream on amazon prime now so I said fuggit I need something to watch on the stair-master anyway leh go. Bruh...BRUH! They got the priest from Walking Dead playing a COP?! They got Telly from the movie Kids ... the one with the speech impediment who was infecting girls ☹️ ... as a dope fiend? AND THEY GOT KILLMONGER FROM THE BLACK MF PENTHA AS A WEE LAD IN BRAIDS SERVING DRUG FIENDS!?! NAWWWW 😂. MICHAEL B JORDAN WE KNEW U BEFORE THE WHITE GIRL-ONLY PARTIES IN ITALY BRUV 😂 WE KNEW U FROM YA NOKIA FLIP PHONE DAYS 😩 TEXTING KEKE FROM ON-SET LIKE “luv u <3 boo” 😂 CORNROWS AND TRIPLE XL SIZE BOMBER JACKET, BARELY ANY FACIAL HAIR ON THAT SOFT A$$ LIL BABY FACE, WE SEENT U 😂 DONT WORRY FAM, KEKE STILL LOVE U - KAYBEE STILL RIDING - THEY DOWN FOR U ALWAYS - BUT U BETTER COME BACK HOME BROTHER BEFORE U HECK AROUND AND GET REPLACEDT - THEY’LL GRAB HOMEBOY FROM “GET OUT” AND MAKE HIM THE NEW KILLMONGER LIKE THEY DID AUNT VIV ON FRESH PRINCE IF U DONT CHILL - FANS WATCHING BLEK PENTHA 2 AND SEE DUDE FROM GET OUT LIKE “O ELLO AUNTIE, CHEERIO!” (in a half British accent 😂). (It don’t matter that he already play the role of W’Kabi. Hollywood gon do brothers wrong REGARDLESS LMAOOO.) AND FANS LIKE ”what? Eh?” YES. U REPLACEABLE 🤨. HOMEBOY PROLLY GROWING OUT HIS DREDS AS WE SPEAK 😂 BLESS UP 😂😂😂 (📹: reddit u-brauxpas)