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A Dream, Beautiful, and Cute: Elizabeth @springbreak2005 I hung out with this guy a couple times last semester and this morning he tried to snapchat me and a bunch of other girls but accidentally started a huge groupchat and 1:10 Kyles fuck up Kyle probably wanted to send nudes to all of us But ended up creating a group Probably that AA sad Truly Happens to the best of us we should kick him out of the group and just send each other nudes YesAA Honestly living for that idea maooo i'm always down for that Oh my god I am so down Send a chat Kyles fuck up And I like girls So this will be a dream Thank you. In advance. Hahaha perfect yeah i'm here for that gay shit |Always down | Girls do it better I wanna know who all y'all is it's true sometimes i wonder why i still date men!! my name is may and i have a really cute dog! Send a chat 1:12 1 Kyles fuck up beauty i'm so gay Mood Wait excuse me HOW RUALL SO HOT WHAT did just wake up to some gay shit welcome to the gay zone ME sTOP I just woke up This is amazing are we all gay i'm here for it i'm gay!! this is a such a dream wow Okay seriously I actually love girls so if any ME of ou wanna fuck .. ;) Send a chat 1:12 1 Kyles fuck up omG how are u all so beautiful i play for both teams Wow wtf is going on kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult Hahahaha he didnt even know what he was capable of He's such an idiot IM WEAK this can't be a coincidence ME this is the best thing I could've possibly woken up to oh my god honestly this is pretty great thanks kyle yeah wow we can live out our niche sapphic fantasies Send a chat actyourshoesizegirl: lena-zorel: 20gayteen is so fucking real x “Kyle accidentally started a Lesbian cult”