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Animals, Bad, and Crazy: 1. An exaggerated, charming personality A psychopath will put on what professionals refer to as a mask of sanity that is likeable and pleasant. He/she will play into every fantasy and insecurity you have and do good deeds to gain your trust 2. Over-the-top flattery If he or she seems to be all over your business complimenting every single atom you possess, the hyper-complimentary behavior is called love bombing, and it's supposed to get you hooked 3. Triangulation Psychopaths "love to work you up into a state of obsessive frenzy, so that you basically become obsessed with them. TheyU then purposely try to make you jealous and pull away, which is called 4. They think they're really, really awesome and mighty They are all about their bods, the facial regimen, the looks. They think the rules don't apply to them or that the world owes them something. This nflated sense of self is a classic sign of psychopathy. 5. No real signs of remorse Psychos are incapable of showing palpable efforts of remarse or guilt. If you notice that your buddy is acting very nonchalantly about accidentally killing pets, then you may want to re-evaluate that 6. Unreachable, grandiose goals and plans (or none at all) Much like the whole "Tm Superman" thing. psychopaths have pretty crazy plans. And nat just Tm going back to law school" plans, more like, Tm going to be a millionaire after Imove to Hollywood and once that happens, Fll buy you a house in Malibu plans. Either that, or a psycho will have no plans whatsoever 盥 A pcpular trait amongst psychos is impulsive. unpredictable behavior 8. Revealing everything like it's a joke A psycho sometimes gives his or herself away for no reason at all this person will suddenly say, Haha, I'm totally psycho, LOL. JK but they are totally not LOLing or JKing. This is a tactic of keeping you off balance 9. Pathological lying Lying for no reason at all is probably one of the most popular signs someone is a psycho, but it could also just mean this person is just really weird and wants attention. 10. Constantly needing to be entertained Psychopaths will constantly seek out entertainment for themselves and stimulation, because staying still is not really not easy for them. 11. Treats other people (and animals) like garbage This kind of behavior spans from general manipulation to, uh, murder. Someone's personality is usually pretty transparent if you see them belittling people, making fun of them, getting a kick out of embarrassing them, ar physically hurting them. 12. Fast movers t a guy or girl has issues with you maintaining boundaries or wanting to go at a slow pace, nstead of going along with their desire to move fast, it may be a red flag. 13. Have to be right all the time One key characteristic of psychopaths is flying off the handle at even the smallest suggestion that they're wrong or that someone is better informed than them. Signs to consider include starting to feel weary of pointing out his errors for fear of him arguing with you or it he always has to have the last word and cant ever admit he/she's wrong. 14. History of messy relationships Being in a string of bad relationships isn't necessarily a tip-off. However, it's how they talk about those failed relationships that matters they speak badly about their previous partners, are proud of having left a trail of heartbreak behind them, or are unable to own up to their personal shortcomings in the relationships, there may be something more serious at play. SCAPE AS SOON ASYOU CAN 14 Warning Signs That Youre Dating A Psychopath

14 Warning Signs That Youre Dating A Psychopath