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Choosing the Perfect Board Gameomg-humor.tumblr.com: CHOOSE THE PERFECT BOARD GAME START HERE Are you playing with children? Play for more than two hours? Younger than 7? Yes No Yes Girly giris only? No Hardest rules No Yes Let them experience ever? crushing defeat? Yes No Yes No Yes No Rube Goldberg? Real rules or just fun? Candy Land All players in until the end? Axis and Allies Monopoly Yes No Actually fun for Fun Rules Adults No Yes Le Havre Portable? Operation Mouse Trap No Yes Dice battles or 100% strategy? Game of Thrones No Yes One winner or a team effort? Forbidden Island Dice Strat Yahtzee! Sorry! One Risk Team Life Do you want to spend dozens of hours Are you a huge Warhammer Small World nerd? preparing to play? Do you really like spending money? Yes Yes No Magic No Yes No Do you think everyone should just get along? (Cosmic Encounter Does the name Battlestar Boomer give you wet Galactical dreams? Yes No Do you secretly wish you were a dick? (a P.) Yes No Shadows Over Last Night on Earth Do you like to gamble? Camelot Do you have a Monty Python Fetish? Yes Arkham Horror No Yes Zombies? No Yes Rummoli Yes No More than two of Cribbage you? Are you over 50 years old? Would you rather fight monsters or viruses? Yes No Chess too cliché? Pandemic No Yes No Yes Virus Monster Are you in Mensa? Backgammon Dungeon Run Party Game? No Yes Chess No Yes Cash'N'Guns Go Looking to get laid? Twister Want to embarrass your friends? Are you a know it Cranium Do you want to be a thug or an artist? No Yes all? No Yes No Yes Artist Thug Trivial Persuit Scrabble Are you a creative liar? Beyond Balderdash Get straight A's? Words or trivia? No Yes Steam Do you enjoy economics? Yes No Trivia Words Wits and Wagers Good with your hands? No Yes Do you have a train fetish? Jenga (DK Edition) Taboo No Yes Ticket to Ride Yes No Qwirkle Agricola Do you mind having to buy two games? Farming fetish? Words or tiles? Simple Rules? Scattergories Yes No Yes No Words Tiles Yes No 7 Wonders Constant hard choices? Cardideck based Cities and Knights Settlers of Catan Complexity? game? Dominion Are all players Yes No No Yes Less More serious board game Domaine geeks? Do you ke to pian your strat. before your turn? No Yes Pillars of the Earth Defined turns or no down-time? Puerto Rico No Yes No Tuns P.T Carcassonne ON MEMEPIX.COM FUNNY STUFF MEMEPIX.COM Choosing the Perfect Board Gameomg-humor.tumblr.com