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Birthday, Community, and Lesbians: maireddog: Mark Ashton died on this day, the 11th of February, in 1987. Mark was born on the 19th of May, 1960 in Oldham, but grew up in Portrush, Northern Ireland. He moved to London in 1978, where he worked in a bar in King’s Cross, in drag as a barmaid with a blonde beehive. In the 1980s, he volunteered for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, campaigned for CND and joined the Communist Party, becoming the first gay secretary of the Young Communist League. Though Mark transformed the Party’s approach to LGBT rights, he and Mike Jackson, who he’d met through Switchboard, wanted to be active as openly gay people. They formed Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) when they collected donations for miners on strike at 1984 Gay Pride. In the evening of 1984 Pride, a miner spoke at a rally, and they were struck by the similarities between the two struggle, of LGBT rights and the Miners’ Strike. Having collected about £150, they advertised a meeting in Capital Gay. 11 people turned up and from the meeting they made a leaflet to launch LGSM - the leaflet was accepted except with an amendment to ‘one in ten miners is gay.’ As LGSM, they supported the miners as lesbian and gay people. At the second meeting, they decided to focus on one community, of the Dulais Valley, as one of the members, Hugh Williams, was from there. They then met David (Dai) Donovan, who also had thought through the similarities of their struggles and how LGSM could help. A month later, 27 lesbians and gay men, arrived at Onllwyn village in Dulais Valley. Other than some hostility (and confusion towards vegetarianism), they experienced warmth, friendship and solidarity. LGSM raised £20,000 for families of miners on strike, and based on The Sun writing that “a group of perverts” were “supporting the pits,” they organised the Pits and Perverts concert in December, 1984, headlined by Bronski Beat. The miners marched with LGSM at Gay Pride in 1985. Mark was admitted to hospital on 30th January, 1987, and died 12 days later from pneumonia, aged 26. At his memorial, there were banners from the Communist Party, Anti-Apartheid, anti-nuclear, Caribbean and community groups, as well as from LGSM. The Mark Ashton Trust was created to support individuals diagnosed with Aids; Mark is also remembered on the UK Aids Memorial Quilt and by Terrence Higgins Trust, with the Mark Ashton Red Ribbon Fund and a plaque at their London headquarters. In 2017, on what would have been his 57th birthday, he was honoured with a blue plaque above Gay’s The Word bookshop. [Images: 1. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1981. 2. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1985, wearing a LGSM t-shirt and holding a pink “Communist Party” banner with the words “pinko commie queers.” 3. Blue plaque reading: “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. Mark Ashton 1960-1987. Political and Community Activist. LGSM met at Gay’s the Word bookship on this site 1984/5.”]
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Winter, Heat, and Personal: Juniper spends most of the winter basking in the heat of her personal belly warmer.

Juniper spends most of the winter basking in the heat of her personal belly warmer.

Bless Up, Cute, and Funny: Once a lap dog, always a lap dog So a lot of you have been asking me, hey smash, when are you going to review the weighted blanket, how did it work, does it work wonders, did it fix your sleep problem?? Well it’s funny u ask! Since I got it, I’ve had two weeks of perfectly sound sleep where I close my eyes and imagine cows skipping over a fence (like happy cows on a vegan farm where all they gotta do is be cute lol) for three minutes until I doze blissfully 😍. JUST KIDDING! It made it worse a lil bit 😂. Officially said goodbye to that h0e today. I wanted it to work but like a toxic relationship sometimes You idealize something but the reality is it is not what is best for you so you have to say goodbye and block them forever but keep the entire text thread including the pics as evidence 🧐 LOL! Just kidding but not really 🙂😂. Mannnnnn listen. I wanted it to work. I was in full placebo effect. I was ready to receive God’s blessings. But that bish had me feelin TRAPPT. Like it’s supposed to mimic the warmth of the human body but for some reason a THICCUM pair of thighs straddling my right quad muscles whilst a head delicately lays on my BREAST and two breasstasis swaddle my right side feel hella different 🧐. Anyway I tried. Gave it a go for two skrate weeks. Did not work as intended. That being said, I do not want to dissuade you! It has worked for so many people and I am so thankful to the person who recommended it. That person has recommended a lot of great things and this one just happened to not work out. One person’s medicine is another person’s poison. This is how we were created. May you all sleep well and wake up rested and rejuvenated. Bless up! ❤️

So a lot of you have been asking me, hey smash, when are you going to review the weighted blanket, how did it work, does it work wonders, di...

Children, Confidence, and Irish: HOT CHOCOLATE Peppernit 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 1/2 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS 1 TSP PEPPERMINT 1 CUP 1/2 TBSP. SUGAR 1/2 TBSP. GRATED 2 02 DARK ORANGEZEST CHOCOLATE 4 1 CUP VANILİA ALMOND MILK 1-1/2 TBSP. 2 TSP. COCONUT PALM SUGAR 1 CUP 5oz. CHOPPED DARK CHOCOLATE 1/4 TSP. CINNAMON TINY PINCH CAYENNE COCOA POW DER 1 CUP SKIM MILK 1/2 CUP HEAVY 4OZ. MILK CHOCOLATE CHOPPED 1/4 CUP CREAMY 1 TSP /2TSP 1 CUP 1 TSP WHOLEMILK UNSWEETENED SYRUP PIE SPICE DARK COCOA ⑦ nutella NUTELLA 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 1 TBSP. COCOA 3 TBSP. CARAMEL SAUCE 2 TBSP PINCH SALT 1/2 CUP 5 OZ MILK CHOCOLATE, CHOPPED 1/4CUP HEAVY ⑨ seauenden White 10 grish 2 OZ BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM 1 CUP 1/4TSP 1/2 CUP WHITE 1 CUP MILK 1/2 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS WHOLE MILK LAVENDER BUDS CHOCOLATE CHIPS TOP IT OFF: cinnamon stick.canamel BROUGHT TO You BY sheknows witchylass: witchoncampus: foodffs: The Ultimate Guide For Spiced Hot Chocolate Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked! Make it Witchy:Peppermint - attract money, confidence in speechOrange - joy, warmth, strengthVegan - compassionAztec - defense, spiritual shield, strengthen auraPeanut Butter - protect children, comfortPumpkin Spice - romance, friendship, holiday spirit Nutella - happiness, comfortCaramel - relieve stress, beauty Lavender White - sleep, soothing, pleasant dreams Irish - luck, imagination, faith Turn three times clockwise as you repeat your desired result to activate ingredients. 🤗☕☕☕☕😍😍😍

witchylass: witchoncampus: foodffs: The Ultimate Guide For Spiced Hot Chocolate Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked...