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Bad, Bored, and Love: Meet Chadexplainshis troubled past in his TinderT" profile. Chad, Heisveryhonest abouthis history of Child Rape. Chad, 29 Sup i Chad u dont ike me 2 badhings u onocim a convicted child apistimoleshoc its y pastmade some stakes but workin ech day to fax em Jookin or fun, longer su Will he getmatches? Will he find love? be around ina month cause 1o go back to jad for sapid thing between me y ex, she s oveecting about o few sips gave her a year ago hmhat bad srsy You matched with- uh hey my protle and get read it that for neal or jake or what7 ts real t was only t kod, he was 8 and in my mind it felt consentual but its over now and im tryin to move on Wow not ry sure what bo say i guess its cool how youne bein honbest about it though are u doing right Ugh just bored bored and on tinder loolkin for fun and stuft yourser? you from You matched with f you didnt read my prole aready check t out explains why i wear an anide monitor which youll probly see when my Ewww wtr that serious,? Im speechless. How old was the That's super fucked up man. Honestly would just rather stop talking about it Is that ok? I didn't say I was done talking to you about other sturf Type a message You matched with t "。 Hey there then brush it can go ahead and So your plan here is to boss me around and expct me to do everything you say because why? forget You give up easy don't you Calm down slly IDID READ YOUR PROFILE, can we move on now? What22 forges a Type a message Your photos just made my day Ok to you too jeez dont lke compliments do we?ee ol ur good make read my profle Yes I read it and yes im ok with it long as you are a different person Wie all make mistakes sweet not everyone thinks lke thet, some people think ts serrible to molest kods and that i should be kled and the itte boy was 6 soit waset a baby or anything what areyou up to tho? Wea soundsike you've beenthrough á lotand learned your lessen. Right now hncookingdi nec, and you? Hahal you're kind of blunt anen't youe Tm about minutes away actually Type a message Meet Chad, the Child Rapist.