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Friends, Future, and My House: &Recreation Board Games What is a wega board? sorry it a stupid question i just wont to know wha Society & Culture> Religion &Spirituality How do you make a weegi board? i need to now what order the letters go in a how ai could make it? Society & Culture> Mythology &Folklore Oujij board?????? Can someone give me detailed informati eventuially be able to contact a ghost th Games &Recreation Board Games My ouijs board is cussing me out? about a year ago i got an ouija board and nothing weird or threateni friends house and it has said go to hell.you.im not super worrie Society & Culture> Mythology &Folklore How do i find if there a ghost in my house with out using a weggy board? Social Science > Psychology Next > Am I just being an idiot or am I actually connecting with the spirit world? When I was a kid I used to mess about with a quiche board. After a while I thought the whole connecting with spirits spirits. Thought the whole thing is ridiculous make-believe crap. A couple days.. show more I never really believed that you can communicate with Wa weg board is that how u spell the evil game thing? low 5 answers HELP QUIJA!!? Society & Culture> Mythology &Folklore (WEEGER) Quija Board Experiences? Can you tell me describe some legitimate Quija board experiences you hav mation about future events or anything that would lead to monitory gain??? How to use a wedgie board and is it real? my friend sez that all u do is put your hands on it and ask a? and it will start moving she said something evil can get in to u when it stops moving to answer. has this ever Where do I obtain a wedgie board? Do I have to make my own wedgie or can I buy one from a witch or vegan? <p><a href="https://witch-of-artemis.tumblr.com/post/156561890796/appreciation-post" class="tumblr_blog">witch-of-artemis</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Appreciation post</p></blockquote> <p>tag yourself, I’m “Do I have to make my own wedgie or can I buy one from a witch or a vegan?”</p>