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Ass, Children, and Head: Thread Zachary Fox and 3 others liked A$MR Rocky @ChristianMingel Trained psychologists: "Hitting your kids can cause them to be violent adults" Twitter genius: "l was hit and I never turned out violent. That's why l can't wait to hit my own kids when l get them" 1/4/18, 2:44 PM 19.2K Retweets 55.4K Likes leupagus: thebaconsandwichofregret: asexual-not-asexual-detective: Am I the only one who thinks that hitting a kid and abuse are different things? Like, if I ever had a kid, I wouldn’t spank their ass raw or something like that. But a bop on the mouth or the ear pull or a smack upside the head? Yea. Those are behavior modifiers. Except they’re not. The studies done by the trained psychologists in this joke show that little kids don’t associate being hit with the thing they’ve done wrong. Very small children only understand consequences that are directly caused by the thing they did. Steal a biscuit, biscuit tastes good. Then for no reason mummy hit me. Very different to stole a biscuit, now no biscuit after dinner because I stole a biscuit. And they also show that when a child is old enough to understand why they are being hit that non-physical punishment is equally as effective and less mentally harmful in the long run. Do you know who benefits the most from hitting as a punishment? The parent. It gives a satisfaction rush. Parents do it because it makes them feel good. Basically kids have two stages: too young to understand why they are being hit so physical punishment is useless for anything other than teaching a child that bigger stronger people can hit you whenever they like (Which sounds like the same lesson you would learn from abuse) And the second stage is old enough to be reasoned with so many punishment options are available and you chose physical violence because it makes *you* feel better, which is an abusive action. The only time a person should ever use violence against another human being, of any age, is to stop that person from being violent themselves. Parents do it because it makes them feel good. 
Fresh, Google, and Homeless: Meet Mason Wartman Mason left his job on Wall Street to start up his pizza business in Philly Mason sells a slice of pizza for $1 in his restaurant His customer's started paying it forward by paying for a slice pizza for the next person s of ROSA'S FRESH PIZZA 4o a0 eNeR WANTED Mason places a pay it forward 'post-it' on the wall osas Whenever someone hungry comes in they can just grab a post it off the wall to pay for their meal, Mason's restaurant feeds around 40 homeless people every day I think this is awesome! If you want more info on this guy, you can google it. He's all over the interwebs. pardonmewhileipanic: caedons: disaster-superhero-sluts: jessicalprice: mjandersen: I have been here, multiple times!  By referring to the order as a “Little Rosa”, you don’t have to make as big a deal out of the fact that you’re seeking help. And believe it or not, it gets better. Rosa’s also gives out sweatshirts to the homeless (or sells them to the general public) that has information on local soup kitchens and even computer training in the area, on an insert sewn inside the sweatshirt. (Details) Reblogged again for these excellent details. Also you can buy slices for the homeless through their online store, from anywhere, not just PA! here is the link for anyone who wants to buy slices for the homeless thank you for the comment about buying online! I am in canada but would love to help PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST

pardonmewhileipanic: caedons: disaster-superhero-sluts: jessicalprice: mjandersen: I have been here, multiple times!  By referring to ...