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Community, Conway, and Fashion: Blac Chyna's real name is Angela, there's always a sign Loool. Look at Chyna laughing like the final boss that she is. First and foremost, free up my dargie darg Ghost, seeing man in escape a bumming by punching a man's wrists hurts my soul for real. Tasha is a real G through it all and my boy Tommy is holding the crown for slipping up in Lala like a boss. But on a real, I really need to see Tariq falling onto a nank and Angela accidentally get hit by a train or some shit. Fuck them two. Rob Kardashian a strong attempt to win the internet by leaking fiery doctored nudes today but failed when he said "I still love her". So let me get this straight. You want everyone to know that the hoe you wifed and bred up is a hoe? Throwing up receipts like a jilted ex because she sent you a vid of her delivering lip service to a next man? Bro...she sent you a vid of a next man beating up the Community pussy you claimed and you're STILL saying "but I love her tho lol". Are you well, pal? This man is moving like cuckolding is in fashion. Stroking his babes back while it's getting blown out and that. As for Chyna, the laws of the game state that she has received yet another W. Her hustle game is so nuts because she's done absolutely nothing but breed for a rich man, and she's got titties worth more than certain mans whips that they pretend to own on the Gram. Jewels weightier than her babyfather and a crib with a rent that's the same amount as these ACN people claim to be getting on a regs. Angie out here trailblazing for these skrippers. I thought Cardi B was the new Prime Minister, but nope, Chynald Trump just had to remind everybody who's the POTUS. Nowadays the mandem either wanna go Eric Benet or go Rob Kardashian. Just go Jimmy Conway and drink Wray and Nephew in the big big sun hot. Picture supplied by @rita_jae.