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Bodies , Girls, and Head: on rapist A WOMAN made preg nant by a rapist shot him ten times and cut his head off after authori- ties refused to let her have an abortion. The victim hurled the severed head into her vil- lage square, shoutin that her attacker ha toyed with her honour", The man had taken nude photos of her and blackmailed her before raping her repeatedly The 26-year-old has been hailed a heroine for her actions by women's groups in Turkey spacetool: highladyofthesith: transgirlpinup: theblondlesbianfromthesnakehouse: gavinscreamingmichaelyelling: time-is-a-many-splendored-thing: douglasmurphy: rainbowcoffin: c-h-0-w: nightwife: Always reblog Woah well he really should have worn more protective clothing if he didn’t want that to happensounds to me like he was asking for it Are we really sure he was actually shot and decapitated? Idk, sounds like something he would’ve made up. Guys make false decapitation accusations all the time, you know.  If he didn’t want to be decapitated, he shouldn’t have worn a shirt that showed off his neck I mean, not all woman decapitate people. I’m not like that. I’m sure he somehow liked it Look, I’ve heard men’s bodies have a way of just rejecting a decapitation. He shouldn’t have been out by himself…. She did nothing wrong. She was just having a bit of fun. You know, girls will be girls. He shouldn’t be so uptight about it.

spacetool: highladyofthesith: transgirlpinup: theblondlesbianfromthesnakehouse: gavinscreamingmichaelyelling: time-is-a-many-splendored-...

Brains, Club, and Crazy: Why Men And Women Think Differently. This Guy Nails It. Women are much more complicated than men. Men are very simple. And you know why? It's because their brains are so different. First, I want to start with men. Men's brains are very unique. Most women don't realize that whether we are having sex or watching sports, our brains are made up of little boxes. We've got a box for everything. We've got a box for the car. We've got a box for the money We've got a box for the job. We've got a box for you We've got a box for the kids. We've got a box for your mother somewhere in the basement. We've got boxes everywhere. And the rule is: the boxes don't touch. When a man discusses a particular subject, we go to that particular box, we pull that box out, we open the box, and we discuss only what is in THAT BOX. And then we close the box and put it away being very, very careful not to touch other boxes. Now women's brains are very, very different from men's brains. Women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire. And everything is connected to everything. The money is connected to the car and the car is connected to your job and your kids are connected to your mother and everythingisallconnected. It's like the internet superhighway, and it's all driven by energy that we call emotion. It's one of the reasons why women tend to remember...everything. Because if you take an event and you connect it to an emotion and it burns in your memory and you can remember it forever. The same thing happens for men. It just doesn't happen very often, because quite frankly...we don't care. Women tend to care about everything. And she just loves it. Now men, we have a box in our brain that most women are not aware of. This particular box has nothing in it. In fact, we call it the 'nothing box.' And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the 'nothing box is our favorite box. If a man has a chance, he'll go to his nothing box every time. That's why a man can do something seemingly completely brain dead for hours on end. You know, like fishing. Now they've actually measured this. The University of Pennsylvania a couple of years ago did a study and discovered that men have the ability to think about absolutely nothing, and still breathe. Women can't do it. Their mind has never stopped. And they don't understand the 'nothing box, and it drives them CRAZY because nothing drives a woman more crazy and makes them feel more irritated than to watch a man doing nothing. laughoutloud-club: The Nothing Box That Makes Women Angry

laughoutloud-club: The Nothing Box That Makes Women Angry

America, Books, and Love: Doctors in 1911 thought bicycles would turn women aU It wasn't just the freedom afforded by bicycles although that was also a thing. Doctors hotly debated whether the vibration between women's legs would give them insatiable sex drives and lead to lesbianism GRAGKED GoM Susan K. Foley, 2004, Women in France Since 1789: The Meanings of Difference. Moralists in the 7Gh cenGuru panicked over novels 0o000000000 They reasoned that women, being somehow unable to distinguish between reality and fiction, would act out the immoral situations they read about in novels. GRAGKED.GOM Cavallo, Chartier, and Cochrane, 2003. A History of Reading in the West. People thoughb the Postb Office would ruin Women 0 0 CENTLEMENl FOR LADIES XCLUSİVELY SUNDER S IN SUMS EXCEEDING SI Becausé the Post Office enabled women to send and receive letters unsupervised, the moralists of the 1870s were sure women would engage in "clandestine correspondence with unprincipled men." GRAGKED coM httpMaphamsquarterly org/roundtable/post-secrets When women started using bhe telephone bo have conversations, men freaked out. In 1909, telephones started appearing in homes, and women started using them socially. This panicked their husbands so much that they started making fun of women for it and calling them out on their "futility and frivolity" in newspapers, journals, and books. The average length of those calls was 7½ minutes. CRACKED cON Claude S. Fischer, 1994. America Calling: A Social History of the Telephone to 1940 jenroses: kipplekipple: virginiaisforhaters: Wow it’s almost like most of human history has been about controlling women… or something… I love the bike one. “The women may experience sexual pleasure, whereupon they will discard men entirely and immediately.” this casts an entirely new light on “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” and I’m sideyeing my brain for thinking it. 

jenroses: kipplekipple: virginiaisforhaters: Wow it’s almost like most of human history has been about controlling women… or something… I ...