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Zoom in to FEEL the POWER. by Eagle_215 FOLLOW HERE 4 MORE MEMES.: wikipedia brown @eveewing I just thought about this today and dug through my pictures to find it: a letter from a black soldier in the Civil War to the person who owns his daughter. "The longer you keep my child from me the longer you will have to burn in Hell and the quicker you will get there ETTER FROM A BLACK SOLDIER O THE OWNER OF HIS DAUGHTER Kitey Dice r såane. holding rebbels for we dont ex to get them and when I get redy t to leave there root neor to come after mary I will have anch but we thinke how ever bout a powrer and autherity to letter from Cari that we that have Children in the bring hear away and to exacute you say 1 hands of you devels we will trie o steal to plunder my child your the day that we enter Glas I want you to understand diggs that where ever you given rite and I meets we are enmays to own and you may hold on each orthere I offered once to pay to hear as long as you can but I you forty dollars for my own want you to remembor this one Child but I am glad now that you vengencens on them that holds my Child you will then know how to talke to me I will asure that and you will know how to talk rite too I want you now to just hold to hear if you want to iff your conchosence tells thats the road go that road and what it to understand that mary is my Child and she is a God longor you keep did not accept it Just hold on will brig you to kittey diggs I from me the longor now as long as you can and the have no fears about getting mary out of your hands this whole Govenment gives chear to me worse it will be for you you I came to burn in hell and the quicer youll get their for we never in you life befor are now makeing up a bout one down hear did you give Children and you cannot help your self Come up tharough and wont to not even a dollars worth of ex Source: Ira Berlin, ed., Freedom, A Doc when we come wo be to Coppe hood rabbels your property not so with me my 1861-1867. Cambridge: Cambridge and to the Slave Children is my own and I expect University, 1982. 690 Zoom in to FEEL the POWER. by Eagle_215 FOLLOW HERE 4 MORE MEMES.

Zoom in to FEEL the POWER. by Eagle_215 FOLLOW HERE 4 MORE MEMES.