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Lazy, Tinder, and Trash: Are u a film Producer? (DETAILS ABOUT MY JOB) How about you, what do you do? So you know a lot of famous people Have connections in the film industry I've met my share It's hard not to, in this business How long have you been in LA? So you can help me Are you in trouble? I need to get into the film industry Need is a strong wordWhat do you want to do in the industry? Actress What's your experience? Do you have a demo reel? I'm good That's going to be useful for you if you get some auditions. Usually you'll need to put yourself on video to get in front of casting agents. It also helps to have a manager. Have you looked for one? 6/19/2018 7:02 AM No Do you know any good ones? 6/19/2018 7:39 AM Yeah, I know quite a few. Used to work with managers every day. Do you have a resume? No but are u good at writing them? Of course I am, I have an incredible job I just want to make sure I'm clear... you want to be an actress, you are good. You have no reel, no resume, no manager. Do you have headshots? Not really but u can help me I've known a lot of Hollywood actors, and I can tell you that they all work extremely hard. Based on this conversation, I'm fairly certain you don't currently have the work ethic to succeed in Hollywood. Success is something you make for yourself, not something you ask a stranger for on Tinder. Good luck to you Sent This lazy piece of trash. Hot photos, no bio. Welcome to LA.

This lazy piece of trash. Hot photos, no bio. Welcome to LA.

Bad, Crazy, and Love: LAG Fissure: "I think Rascal and I were both in the same boat regarding today's news. Let's go back to the past. There is no one better than me who can empathize with him, so lI'm confident I can organize this case in the best way. The day I was released from London was Feb. 20th, and Rascal on the 21st. When I came to Gladiators, there was a 3 day break. The first thing I felt coming here was the issue everyone had talked about culture difference. I felt that the majority of the players had low work ethic regarding this job. Of course, not anymore. But when I first came here thinking ' will get this team to a higher rank and improve my value to my eyes the teammates were not practicing despite their bad performance in stage 1. It was an off-season break of course, but when Rascal and I are in a similar situation like that, where you are transferred from a top performing team you have no choice but to feel serious about it. I don't know about Dallas but I personally talked with the GM of LAG. I told him "I really want to improve this team and get us higher in the rankings, but they don't seem to have the mentality to try harder. If this goes on, I don't think I can keep up." And he listened. He gathered all the LAG players in one spot had a discussion, and told the players that they needed to make the proper atmosphere for Fissure, and then we can do better next stage. Of course, English was really hard for me. I usually almost never get triggered in scrims but I think I got frustrated for the first time during scrims in LAG due to English. I thought l was going crazy. How do I make specific orders in another language? I knew we could win with this shotcall of mine, but I couldn't convey it. So in the beginning I fought with the LAG players a lot, and naturally we apologized to each other for whatever we did. Since then we're really doing well and we have a good atmosphere. I think this is where we can see the difference between Dallas and Gladiators There is no one who can connect the Korean and English players in the game. We have Bischu. I talk to him in Korean and he translates it for me. Rascal must have been in the same situation, I can imagine how frustrated he had been. If I didn't have Bischu I would probably be in the news today as well. "Farewell to Fissure (1/2) 6 167 261 I'm sure that Rascal had fights with his team regarding that because that's exactly what I went through. But I apologized to my teammates after, and they did too. If you look at our recent matches we hugged when winning, and I love my team. I don't think Rascal was able to make that environment yet The language barrier made it hard for Rascal and the team to understand each other and he couldn't endure from that frustration. In the article it says "Rascal avoided communication." No, this is not the case. Rascal does want to communicate, but what can he do? He can't speak English. No one can translate for him in-game. I think Rascal got distressed because of that. I would have done the same As for EFFECT, He was with Envyus members since APEX. Rascal was in Dallas for only a month. The period is incomparable. I had been upset because of this issue as well and got triggered during scrims. When you really want to say something and you can't because of the language it is really, really frustrating. Then the coaches come to me and ask Why aren't you being active and more talkative in scrims??". I WANT TO. BUT I CAN'T. Do you know how they had replied to that? "Try harder". Even they can't solve this issue. Thankfully I became better because Bischu managed to alleviate this problem for us in-game. It's thanks to him that I am remaining here. Hey Daemin, you feel that too right? Having to learn Chinese to do comms. But what can you do? You only have to tray harder. It's the same for every player who needs to learn another language to adapt. I'm saying this because I'm afraid Rascal's reputation might be damaged when moving to another team Rascal doesn't have bad mentality or personality. The language barrier problem is that hard to solve. I've been in the same team as Rascal. He does not avoid communication he always tries to talk. It's just really hard to solve. In my opinion Bischu's player value will be very high next season. I am confident maybe somewhere below Jjonak and Carpe. Why? A lot of teams will want bilingual players. There will certainly be many teams who need that next season. I heard that Bischu already had a lot of offers (due to his ability). On top of that his personality is amazing. If he gets his mechanical skill to that level? His value will be on par with Jionak & Carpe. He lived overseas since he was young So yeah I wanted to say this, because this kind of news can be misunderstood very easily." (2/2) 6 167 261 lanerobertsappreciationsociety: wet-raccoon:What Fissure said on his stream about the Dallas v Rascal situation Fissure the MVP 

lanerobertsappreciationsociety: wet-raccoon:What Fissure said on his stream about the Dallas v Rascal situation Fissure the MVP 

Confidence, Dogs, and Fedora: Letter 1 2/9/2018 Subject: Letter 1 Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 10:00 am To whom it may concern: My name is Alex. Although I may not be your bartender tonight (I sure do hope been Jason's bartender for the last decade. As a ba You get the opportunity to meet all different kinds someday I'm able to be!), I have of walks of life and learn how to read people very well. Some in and out of your life, while others you choose to keep around. When you come across someone as rtender you get to know some people on a very deep level votten to know Jason really well; everything from his taste in music, work ethic, and his le. Jason's taste in music could be summed up pretty easy (and this goes along with his personality, as they styl should reflect each other), he's got an old soul. He enjoys a classical style of music that helps to promotes thinking, relaxation, and self-growth. He's always been able to keep the bar in a good vibe as he picks the music on the jukebox. He has always kept a job for an extended period of time. He's well versed in bartending (customer service in general), welding, and he is currently an electrician. Jason is known to sport a fedora when it matches well with his jacket. He's always been able to rock those black frame glasses and stand out as a particular handsome fella in a crowd. One area that Jason has continuously impressed me is the way he has treated his past girlfriends and how deep and intimate their relationships were. He has always been a stand up gentleman and communicated with them very well about anything from their relationship to how he feels about something happening in his life. He isn't the kind of guy who's going to pay for everything for you. He enjoys a woman that is self-dependent and knows what she likes and wants out of life. But he is also willing to grow with you as you grow without jealousy regarding it. Jason has always had a confidence and carried himself in that manner. Jason, over the years, has spent his free time volunteering with the developmentally disabled. I feel this is an important point to make because it transitions into so many different aspects of his life. He's patient, trustworthy logical and funny. He has also had a few dogs over the years that were great dogs. His most recent dog (Sylvie) is just the sweetest animal and very fortunate to have Jason as her owner (especially with his tenderheartedness) considering her previous owner (ask Jason, it's his story to tell) I feel that this letter can really be summed up in a few sentences'. Jason is one of the best people I've had the pleasure of calling my friend. He's stands up for what he believes in, makes good choices and treats people well overall. Any woman who chooses to be in his life and he chooses to share his life with are extremely lucky in my opinion Kuddos to you for receiving this letter, as you must be a very spectacular gall Cheers, Alex O https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/PrintMessage Friends first Tinder date. She was handed this as soon as they met.

Friends first Tinder date. She was handed this as soon as they met.