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Dad, Drugs, and Facebook: ooo Verizon 9:46 PM facebook.com jkxox if you know anyone that has cancer tell them to open an apricot seed and eat 10 of the kernels every morning with a glass of orange juice joannnnneeee jkxox it contains vitamin B17 & laetrile which kills cancer cells, my dad made my mom do this everyday for a year and it worked, alhamdulilah Kate Rae Spread the word. Mobile Uploads Yesterday at 4:05pm View Full Size Report Photo Like Share K elodieunderglass: scientia-rex: radvinesandheadbands: chocolate–goddess: cyberstripper: queendamurk: Spread the word it’s true Why don’t doctors tell people this Guys you could save someone’s life. Ah, yes, the “X kills cancer but doctors don’t want you to know” routine. Thanks for suggesting that I and everyone I have worked with for the last ten years don’t give a shit about saving lives because… I don’t know, we get the BIG BUCKS in academic research where there’s no actual profit motive??? Seriously. If something worked, there are academic researchers who would be working on it, even if major corporations refused to. Nothing is going to be an anti-cancer miracle and the people who claim they’ve found one are wrong. I don’t care whether they think they’re right or whether they’re trying to scam you. Do you even know how widely different cancer cell types are? Do you have any idea how many cellular molecular pathways go into producing different cancers? “Cancer” as a singular disease doesn’t exist. What works for HER-2 positive breast tumors doesn’t even come close to working for leukemia. And “well it can’t hurt” is often wrong. Foods that are supposed to work like drugs CAN have side effects, whether or not they help at all. Just ask somebody who ate a grapefruit right before they took their HIV medication. If you want to get a better understanding of cancer, read The Emperor of All Maladies or go to fucking medical school. Worth noting, specifically regarding the apricot kernel thing: (TW for poisoning, child poisoning, gaslighting) There is no such vitamin as B17. You can call amygdalin “Vitamin B17″ if you want to, and some people do - but saying that apricot kernels contain two or more cancer-fighting ingredients is misleading. Vitamin B17, amygdalin and laetrile are functionally the same thing. Apricot kernels contain other things besides the very small amounts of amygdalin you might get from them.  Namely: cyanide. CYANIDE. This is a recommendation for an easy and convenient way to get cyanide poisoning. 50g of laetrile contains enough cyanide to kill you. The symptoms of cyanide poisoning include stumbling, nerve damage, brain damage, disability, and of course death. The UK’s Food Standards Agency recommended in 2006 that if people want to eat apricot kernels, they should limit them to 2 kernels per day - more than that puts you at risk for cyanide poisoning - but the consistent recommendation from alternative medicine peddlers is 10 kernels per day. Here are some studies and case reports of people specifically poisoning themselves with apricot kernels, including a January 2015 paper on about a little 4-year-old boy who went into a coma, because parents just fed him handfuls of apricot kernels in an attempt to treat his brain tumor, until he collapsed from cyanide poisoning. Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) encourages people to overdose on other “cyanogenic glycosides” - or natural products that can contain lethal amounts of cyanide. That’s the term to google if you’re interested in learning more. Anyway, the reason doctors and scientists and pharmaceuticals are “keeping this a secret from you” is because there are plenty of other things that are just as effective at improving cancer outcomes - like psychosocial support, light guided meditation, or even practicing religious faith - which are easy to recommend, don’t require buying expensive supplements, aren’t toxic in large doses, and which DON’T ACTIVELY TRY TO KILL YOU because that is a CONTRADICTION OF MEDICINE.  OP’s phrasing of “my dad MADE my mom do this” plus my recent detective series kick makes me think how well this would work as a Perfect Murder Mystery Story. Like, the poor concerned daddy just wanted the cancer patient to get better! And she succumbs naturally and non-suspiciously to the cyanide. There would be less likelihood of an inquest for a cancer patient… and if the coroner noticed the cyanide, well, we all knew about her belief that the apricot kernels would save her.  There you go, there’s a free murder mystery plot for you all.  In conclusion, it’s important to analyze evidence independently or consult trusted advisors before starting a course of CAM. Like in all things that you see on social media.