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Being Alone, Energy, and Memes: DID YOU KNOW? G: STANDUP9 1I Queen Elizabeth owns 1/6th of all the land on Earth. She coulo end world hunger and poverty I0 times over and still have a fortune. Her land alone is worth over $30 trillion. Instead of benefitting the planet, she and her minions plot to enslave us with the New World Order. Many forecast that the entities manipulating humanity are seriously running out of time as human consciousness is growing rapidly Most people are taking about celebrities, athletes, actors and musicians donating more money but no one ever brings up the most wealthy of people who no doubt it made they money off unethical practices and many of times their heritage can directly related to mass genocides that took place. We gotta stop fighting and bickering about the umbrella effect and start getting go core issues. It’s ten times harder and even more dangerous but the rewards of creating a better society for all that inhabit it and those who soon will. The fact is that our energy should be aimed at the very top of the 1%. Those who profit trillions, and who’s Fortunes could change entire continents let alone possibly the entire world. If you think asking for a society that uses alternative energy, higher quality materials, and easier more compassionate way of living is extreme, utopia, or something that’s not fathomable BUT have no problem that in our reality we have people that have enough resources to change history is ok then something is seriously wrong with your perception. standup911 - Follow @_standup911 backup page & @_meetingoftheminds - events

Most people are taking about celebrities, athletes, actors and musicians donating more money but no one ever brings up the most wealthy of p...

Crying, Driving, and Girls: possessed-radios broccoli-butler voidspacer My roomba is scared of thunderstorms I was sitting at my desk just a few minutes ago, drawing, and a really loud crack of thunder went off-no power surges or anything, just thunder-and my roomba fled from its dock and started spinning in circles I currently now have an active roomba sitting quietly on my lap systlin Humans will pack bond with anything apostatively I had a teenage girl come into my tea shop with her mother the other night. She purposely grabbed a teamaker in the most crunched-up looking box on the shelf (got banged around in shipment) and carried it protectively over to the counter. "If something's in a damaged box I have to get it because I'm afraid no one else will love it," she laughed nervously Not only will humans pack bond with anything, the empathy level of adolescent girls in particular likely has puppy-saving, world hunger-solving, war-ending powers a-dull-glow I once saw a really bumpy lime at the grocery store, just a real ugly fruit. Later that night my boyfriend & I were driving home from rehearsal at like 11:30pm & passed the grocery store & I stared crying & he said "is it that lime? Do you want to go back and get it?" And I nodded and pulled the car around and bought the lime. your-friendly-neighbohood-black I saw this post once but IT GOT EVEN BETTER Source: voidspacer <p>wholesome human bonds via /r/wholesomememes <a href="https://ift.tt/2rC78aE">https://ift.tt/2rC78aE</a></p>

wholesome human bonds via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2rC78aE