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Af, Bitch, and Finals: "yo mama so fat, she go to the movies and sit next to everbody" 3rd grade niggas: If you black there’s no such thing as cyber bullying or bullying in general for that matter. You gotta have tough skin in this cruel world. Flash back to the simpler times when you roast someone you had to be there not on Twitter. Yo mama jokes were probably the most fierce and cruel for two reasons. 1. because it’s personal and 2. because it’s personal. I can talk all the shit about my momma but if someone else do it these hands are registered to deal some damage. In middle school we had a sub for the day. Everybody knows the Sub gets less respect then Yamcha. Sub teachers get no love in the public school system. Usually we rejoicing cause our teacher was mean af and we get to do shit we usually don’t getaway with. This one sub (she was white) was unseasoned and uncultured. We was probably her first black class she ran into. Shit went left from the jump when she couldn’t pronounce the more challenging ghetto names like Shiquda carpayment or Walter Watermelon Jenkins the 3rd or what my niggas called Dae dae. This sub came fully prepared with a lesson and all that. We gave no fucks she eventually said fuck it too and gave free time. We started to get into yo momma jokes. At first the sub was hesitant but she saw we didn’t care it was all fun and games. It’s 3rd period and we literally having a 20 man battle royale roast session. It looked like a March madness bracket the way we had rounds set up. The sub tryna be hip and hops in to roast dae dae in the semi finals. It was fun till it got personal. The Teacher had to take it to another level like she Jiren from Super. “Yo momma so ugly that’s why you don’t got a daddy DAE dae”. Like damn bitch we some kids you really had to take it there. I can see defeat in dae daes eyes as he begin to go for his turn. My boy done stuttered and that’s automatic disqualification once a person begins to stutter just pull out a clip board for the L they have to receive. My Becky won yo momma that day. After school dae dae momma pulled up to school and he told her what happen. Shortly after Ms. Becky got robbed in the parking lot. Long story short don’t fuck with a kid name dae dae. That shit almost sound like dangerous.