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My Chemistry Teacher’s “Meme Wall”: STUDENT GENERATED MEME CHEMISTRY ИЕ WALL DON'T DRINK WATER WHILE STUDYING. BECAUSE CHEMISTRY SAYS THAT HEY GIRL, ARE YOU MADE OF COPPER AND Melon TELLURIUM? CONCENTRATION DECREASES ON ADDING WATER That was sodium funny H,0 melon OOPS 1slapped my neon that one Na BECAUSE YOU ARE CuTe SPILLED WATER ON MY HOMEWORK Spook birds be like: MY REACTION WHEN SOMEONE ASKS ME K ARE THERE ANY GOOD CHEMISTRY The number plate: the chemical equation MEMES? for Glucose Ok The car is called a Cube THIS IS A GIANT SUGAR CUBE Calclum 20 Calcium 20 Ca Okay Ca 40.078 HOW MANY SIG FIGS SHOULD THE 40.078 I DON TZINC SO ANSWER HAVE Potassium egenerator.net LETS TAKE ALL THESE BAD CHEMISTRYJOKES TWO MEN WALK INTOA BAR THE FIBST ORDERS SOME N20 THE ZND ONE SAYS SOUNDS GOOD. FI HAVE SOME H20 TOO I TOLD A CHEMISTRY JOKE "I need my morning caffeine" CH using logic in chemistry class "My body requires the moming CSH10N402 le chemstry teachere "we don'fdo that here" THE SECOND MAN DIED THERE WAS NO REACTION AND BARIUM This is a salt Na+ Delecansed plectron Prepare Butfer 20m TrHO Delocaan actron When Question 1 is hard so you skip to Question 2 but Question 2 is based on your answer from Question 1 Lungs: "breathes in axygan Carbon dioxider W a ny dety Chemistry in a sentence IWAS NIKING AN ACID AND AN ALKALL BUTIKNOCKED THE ALKALI ONTO THE IFA KING FARTS IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT senior chemistry teachers when they inform you that they lied about the Bohr model THAT'S THE FIRST TIMEI OROPPED THE BASE IS ITA NOBLE GAS? ER My Chemistry Teacher’s “Meme Wall”

My Chemistry Teacher’s “Meme Wall”

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"Font Sucks" ... Found for sale at a Shipping Store in Brooklyn, New York