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Being Alone, Bad, and Beautiful: EVERYTHING HAS BEAUTY Nobody wants to be alone... Although being together doesn't always workout. You say to yourself "F*ck my life, I'm back here again". Yet in a way you asked for this, you aren't an idiot, though you might feel like one now. Nobody wants to start again, from scratch, investing emotions, time and energy into somebody new...again. Building trust just so you can find security, as feeling insecure is no fun. Establishing a new routine. Setting the foundation for a new spiritual building, that might fall down again. Dating, pretending that you are interested in meeting a persons representative, because they are putting their best foot forward, because they are just as scared of being hurt as you are. Opening up, sharing your story and baring your soul once more, with the deepest hope that you will find your mate. Not someone who throws the word soulmate around, just because they think it's cool, with no intention of forever, no real integrity. Nobody wants to stop and think, "What if this is another lie, am I going to be used again"... What is the point of anything. But Everything leads to something, nothing leads to nothing, growth and change are necessary, for they are life itself. It will be hard, you will hurt but you still have life. No matter how bad things feel, they will get better. You will find somebody else to share your journey with, somebody more suited to you, somebody stronger and you will grow together. The late night phone calls, the little things that make you smile, the hugs that make you feel that everything is alright. You are special to someone, even if you don't feel special yourself. You are beautiful even when you feel ugly deep down... It's just that lovesick stomachache, the pain in your heart will cease, you will be okay, you will be able to breathe again. Somebody else is waiting to bring you back to life. Spiritually you are evolving. Mourn the dead and move on. chakabars