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I wish I could knew this YouTuber channel.: Butt Connoisseur @SmooGoo Never. Work. For. Youtubers. THIS is what comes of the "exposure". I'm CRYING XD XD XD Late Christmas gift me also. I'm looking for artwork for my new YouTube channel. I need a banner, intro and outro cards and also reaction images of my character to use within videos (5 minimum). T also saw you do animations. I want 3 animations for my twitch channel (thumbs up, wave and blowing a kiss) and 3 badges. My character reterence is here Hi there! I'm afraid S50 is way to low for that amount of work. The animations alone, depending on how smooth you're wanting, would be between $40-S60 each. I'm actually incredibly busy with work right now and have a queue, so it might be better to look elsewhere for someone who's more free to complete your commissions for you:). (NOTE: tattoo MUST be correct, its incredibly sentimental). $50 This would be a great opportunity for you, I have many followers and you'd get a lot of fresh eyes on your work! Depending on how well you do, this could be the start of many future projects from me and I'm willing to throw in a couple of rts on your art to help you out also. ??? I wasn't offering to pay you, I was giving you the offer of paying me to be your promoter lol It's very reasonable fee given how big my channel is going to get. $45 is the lowest I'm willing to go, it's more than generous. You'll be sorry if you dorit take up this offer thought Need this done in 2 weeks. Look forward to working with you :) Show quoted text I wish I could knew this YouTuber channel.

I wish I could knew this YouTuber channel.