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Memes, United Kingdom, and 🤖: Turkey OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT. Like Comment 28 minutes ago 2419 people like this. fb.com/Daily Jaw E USA What in the hell is wrong with you boy? 27 minutes ago Like 32 Turkey I shot down a Russian fighter jet by mistake, Ithought it was in my airspace... 27 minutes ago Like 1827 syria Remind me... when did MY airspace become YoUR airspace? 26 minutes ago Like 2133 E USA Jesus banging Christ, eating a jelly doughnut and drinking coffee- boy you must of fell and bumped your entire head.... Russia Time to Remove Kabab.... 25 minutes ago Like K 3487 Turkey Y CHILL OOOOOOOO, 25 minutes ago Like 1486 Turkey @NATO, yall got me right??? 25 minutes ago Like 189 NATO I would fam, but #YoYo 25 minutes ago Like 1754 Turkey #YoYo 24 minutes ago Like 268 United Kingdom You're on Your own, mate. S 24 minutes ago Like 1919 Germany RIP 24 minutes ago Like K 1612 LIKE & TAG YOUR FRIENDS -------------------------LINK TO OUR SHIRTS IN MY BIO!!! ----------------- 🚨Partners🚨 😂@the_typical_liberal 🎙@too_savage_for_democrats 📣@the.conservative.patriot Follow me on twitter: iTweetRight Follow: @rightwingsavages Like us on Facebook: The Right-Wing Savages Follow my backup page @tomorrowsconservatives -------------------- conservative libertarian republican democrat gop liberals maga makeamericagreatagain trump followme tagsforlikes liberal american donaldtrump presidenttrump american 3percent patriotism maga usa america draintheswamp patriots nationalism sorrynotsorry politics patriot patriotic