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Bad, Beautiful, and Blade: t, and The Horse didn't her shoulder. But she seized by an unnervang Karigan slapped at her grass that grew the Foad and sash Every so often, she felt as i erez and his men should they st. backtracking several fimes in veen the Nonh Ro bad found an aicove with a bench while chewing on a pieos ndered nearby o be that the spirit of and Gd the by After Phca the two of us down the carved of emerged in abunda onal spring h pa his sleeveacross his mouth Let's ave ock Dunno Sevano took a final swig of ale and wiped There oOuld be more n that letter Did Fryn hide the real meage in the fore was better Retion things that were known only be- es Amil- throngh to commmerce an e d recaling a coversation in the a re owt wock ersl eetng wTrom his calling. THALSWHY Bay and I are able to arcane magie ike the brooch. It is probable accidentatly invoked its one single power: fading sad soddely Shos hoo un hte in a single, silver blade of lel pen otn ell shook his head as if he The dal Aas acced you percee wwas a Grew A pity 1 am Pnge e Miss Bayberry produced the brooch in her upturned palm, seemingy out of the air. "We would like you to try to inve he power of the brooch so we can see how potent it is. Karigan sat up stamled For all the whip inrav- proprietv ant his one eye try ling in hish triggered Airwell stood up to bow. Zachary well enough if he v Miss Bay had saad It wedepe wrif parkor &f he Shawdell stopped his advance in surprise. It was like a sword in her hand tled it this way of power and land cellency. and that and it swept through the air as a blade should Now she advanced, and Shawdell met her Their swords did clang when they touched as two ith the formalities concluded well-made e room at a rate at which he surpri hewas through the doors he clamped his bands p metal blades would, taer ney hummed as if resonating against one another, ligh dark Silver sparks cas caded about them and a thread of smoke curled rom ehro she had no idea what SFOng desire to igh her hood suppose are here, the governor stll said, I'm calling a coanc on around a little campfire rough bark of a pine, huddled in her greatcoat. She KRISTEN BRITAIN come hee, tho wanted to stay as far away from Garroty as she could but his coarse laughter assaulted her ears and echoed q s wih Sacwdia Th tted between the great entrance Then he strode fining as he walked into the s shoulders ere thrown back ntlets bung neatly folded over of dust deim.ed to settle hit any citward igns of Karigan leaned against the down the road. He spoke of profitable campaigns his company had cngaged "I tell you, Torne, some of those villages in Rhovanny are ripe to pluck, especially in the wine country. And the wenches there don't carry swords." He grinned at Jendara. She glared back. "Sacoridia is a bit too peaceful sea har ut of mself. But on smiled tentatih c it all thes way said Th Well Look in the dstruction. You or if one of D'rane' comrad the Gray One is quite a bit YOur scheme will fail strong, and it had its own agenda that impelled it to He wondered at the spirit's stubborn nature. It was go, and watched him vanish dear. but r Your timine Aara the resist him. ur vision le There iare rly obsesse ode by silent hou She wa ON ght, to use a saber agatst a waves tingle through her en the two blades piged call the provae strength to travel. Reluctantly, he let Fryan Coblebay D'Yer Wall. He would have just enough power and asked too uch of his body ST AntA Beaked. The Gray One placed his palms against the wall, and this time he pushed. Tire Ins. Weap way's brooch. She pwatd, too, to cracked section teetered and swayed, balanced on edge The wall fell over with a shower of mortar OS op 01 in a silver blaze at h LA hersell He parried Zachary squinted ti That stone would not king's castle you are," Abram "Do not let your guard down, no matter how panaabs o King Zachary his message." Thank you, Abram. It won't be long now before I give she was nearing the end of her journey and she grinned ad con Ar Wall will cause a great blight gwill perish or be perverted We will he darkest, most primitive of times. The Black Ages will return though we left them behind a thousand d his ips curved up in a trance into the castS as no one was about t detect ber Every time she faded the thanki to the ban years ago In destroying we shall renew "You will renew the evil of Mohavon the Black, and I will not allow it Karigan held het breath as the two fired their eyes on one ther each reading Be w hand and i u w. ooches NLY H nds encouraging. What leathe KRISTEN B st his whiskers drooped. "I spered the one who should be doing 's hand slipped unconsciously her head wound. "We owe Bdo. She held out her other Aad e tered every move sae made IS I1 message she bore." head sadly. "She was killed by a noble angered by the wearing the colors of the Green Riders." He shook his who should have been at Selium for music instead of what cond Tho shed out, and h hort of Bolts And 194 gold. Gold winged horse in had Sv his the mers ay prince? he i b is oid cautious off No longer did they blindly e trails ind a campsite. Karigan chided herself over and over ever having done so in the first place. Following deer trails at duk te walIking into a predator's trap. Encountering the creature of Kanmorhan Vane at what was supperte for most predators had been no mistake Who was to say some bear or catamount, equally as dan d gy bound- C skowed the shadow of the a ou took ebem Y said he Ee Mine b act olently er mesage she carried W they were cautions on the road, they were equally s into her horse, and she sprang d. Laren felt the strain of bones g the pain of the bloody wound the groundmite. Bluebird fought to on-Sw ia frot of the er last game Oh Age. Slave and with great A wached ecedar ing out be- ph in came again, swinging like a e backed under the assa melee Wth shes ste ck adthe ach so Karean rk Karig tot bim A rea The ther anot ead and urged Condor right past But there are 5o many of them" the thDecidu body n he d Toty fell to hs obbin wh pai Ane arig pat EN RIDER behind We dar up else The son weat PHch 329 straigns twisted one way, then the other Karigan held her hwath Hoor, then passed over the keyhole The doorkno A shadow darkened the crack bewn the door and res chang pey rene eus d anc Suq mu her room A worn floorboard creake faint barely perceived footfall didn't know what had roued her Then there arms stood on end, and he she suddenly jolted awake h n common room died duwn, sicep began to ake he In the small bours when the m ct and kept her awake naiu tbeir phlegmy yellow blood soaking intY 1 The mir gs hoh Karican's mind s a the codr outsde The wolf collapsed, his eyes half closed in ex pene an bcat wily trating the t f the day that jostied areand in her mind the d p main entrance an shed down the web to prevent any Ts in stion S R nenal dshware dsturbed her some tw S ld nly to and t V d the Su en a q pae pue id UI Sutyons se there was Evony, Evony with her beautiful voice Cont anticipating&resful t at the the overa ZZup he said Karignn thes plans Pdaw that Greenie, Captain ge from geting gn the gray like he oh his C accent wastt of the Under Aiggdoms w COutre erhaps Wheer AA your own the rad ctp Time Dry w piye d a her with one intense green phost was he is e As the rider neared form solidifiod man of the shadows He sat erect orls Bewree shadow ma by the stranger Then she remembered F te effort of holding b bere. By whisperings of eVent unco jo ating.gray Ting auo awdell cut low at Karigan's knees, se w own uses for the ere ere Sh e no a shock Bun curtains The castellan?" and her body intere Vho oonbeam blade in a luminous are and blocked itS allowed her e rom second ti ball. Both er th pugh GREEN will ta se my bed and pa were wind Martel's expression The damy atter the able to c ion e d at her, hut ts glanc iS h we inccusat I have yet , hins was in Amiton Shawd Ted you even after v made foo many mis loved satory Won KRISTES BRITAIN less for me. there? But soon one eST EUTAC etr adismisively "It is 442 ved Sacoridia, too drum n his e conthe might throughou one to hus his wel, *her signs of Fryan ebay cen trying& to conv his dues u evening imas, lass, stah field eaayer neas Arms nchberry A rest for yWeren t pu mourners until they he had Ihe kin Heroes Avenue Practice, as shee e moke curling above angles as incy ppear as make he l the mistalting gear easile ing had Miss rather than herself had been stitios ne Never River uth and with a dismissi heard whisper P the il iamp up the ere nous er Mething so I can get the Lime Alton was not joking ction on w the thost that shado n hullood we acent n say to that int had eturD with a and gr to elf confidence a semanA table, anty po vA whet m SE Put my blankets in the dryer without realizing my book was on my bed. Now I have to buy a new copy of my book.